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If you want to take your breath away, some places have been left behind that will do that.


Today, buildings aren’t as creative or grand as they used to be, but they were a lot better back then. Many people have died, and not all of them are in good health. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy their unique beauty.

The Abandoned Beauties Facebook group members share photos of the world’s most beautiful abandoned buildings, even though they have been left for hundreds of years. These buildings still look beautiful.

#1 There is a ruined casino in Romania

Image Courtesy: Facebook/The Glory of Disrepair

#2 In Italy, There Is A Castle That’s been left behind.

Image Courtesy: Facebook/Abandoned Beauties

#3 In England, there is an old castle that has been left alone for a long time now.

Image Courtesy: Facebook/Marcelsiebert

#4 A tiny key will open a huge door. Charles Dickens was a great author

Image Courtesy: Facebook/Kimzeir

#5 Abandoned Mansion, Belgium

Image Courtesy: Facebook/BastionJanksi

#6 A Beautiful Spot For Meditation And Peaceful Thoughts

Image Courtesy: Facebook/HelloNady

#7 In France, There Is An Abandoned Chapel. This is how it looks:

Image Courtesy: Facebook/ isabelle_van_assche

#8 Inside a Victorian mansion abandoned in the 1800s, there is a library. It’s time for some fun!

Image Courtesy: Facebook/Abandoned Beauties

#9 In Snowdonia, North Wales, there are a lot of beautiful old miners’ homes that have been left behind.

Image Courtesy: Facebook/Tmaxfirenze

#10 In North Carolina, the sea slowly reclaimed an abandoned beach house.

Image Courtesy: Facebook/Meunderwears



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