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You’ll be inspired to recycle Everything You See After Viewing These Photos!


From oil spills to overflowing waste dumps, man’s insatiable desire to live better lives with more affection for them and less respect towards the planet has led to an uncountable number of environmental catastrophes. Currently, ecological pollution appears to be the most deadly killer that affects over 100 million people across the globe.

Over 1 million seabirds and 100 million mammals are killed due to pollution humankind causes each year.

Humanity, as a whole, must be transformed. However, what will motivate people to be more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint more than alarming figures? Perhaps the images below show the tragic reality of humankind and reveal the truth about the current situation around the world.

These photos will make you realize how our species has destroyed this magnificent natural environment and that human-caused disasters have already caused the deaths of millions of innocent animals worldwide. It’s time to wake up and take care of the trash whenever we spot it.

Homeless Koala

Bird In Oil Spill

Albatross Killed-By Excess Plastic Ingestion (North Pacific)

A Stork Trapped In Plastic

Oiled Penguins

Surfing A Wave Full-Of-Trash (Java, Indonesia – The World’s Most-Populated Island)

Plastic Diver

Every day this kid would go through the trash for recyclable plastic pieces to sell at 35 cents per kilogram to provide for his family.

Seal’s Nose Trapped In Plastic Waste

Bird In Oil Spill

Boy Swimming In Polluted Water In India

A Child Drinks Polluted-Water From A Stream In Fuyuan-County, Yunnan-Province

Mexico City Landscape, 20 Million Inhabitants

Bangladesh Landscape Filled With Trash

A Mute-Swan Builds A Nest Using Plastic-Garbage

Landfill In Acra (Ghana)

The majority of trash from the first world is disposed of in third-world garbage dumps.

Frog In Polluted Water

This Crab Lives In An Old Bottle

Plastic Bag Floating In The Sea Off The Philippines

Pollution In A ‘Dry River’ In Bali

In the event of rain, the debris is dumped into the sea and pollutes the water.

Cat Sunning In Trash (Wetsahara, Morocco)

A River In The Suburbs Of Mumbai

Open Dumping In The Streets Of New-Delhi, India

Trash Washed Out To Sea… (Mekong, Laos)

Beijing In A Cloud Of Smog

A small amount of effort can go quite a distance. Cleaning garbage whenever you spot it, establishing recycling programs within your locality, or educating people about the benefits of not littering can gradually but surely increase the awareness of all people. Do your best to protect nature, and it will be your savior.

Nature doesn’t need people. Character is what people need. It is essential to understand this.



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