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Wonderful Things You Don’t Know About Bees


There are many insects. They are a group of animals that have a hard skeleton on the outside of their bodies. The head thorax and abdomen cover their skeleton. Bees, wasps, and ants shave many common qualities. The most important quality is their cooperative behaviors.

Bees are the most important insect for farmers. They live in hollow trees or small caues. Bees are friends of farmers as they do the process of pollination. Pollination is the transfer of pollen from a flower’s another to a flower’s pistil when the bee moves from flower to flower to collect hectar, the dusty pollen sticks to hairy legs and body of the bee. When the bee leaves from one flower and flies to another of the same species. The pollen on its legs brush on to the female part of the new flower. When pollination takes place it increases the yield of many crops.

Members of the bee colony

A colony consists three kinds of bees. They are the workers, queen, and drone. In a colony, there are 50,000 to 60,000 workers and 1000 or more drones, and one queen.


The worker bee is a female with undeveloped reproductive organs. She does not lay eggs.She has pollen buskets on her hind legs and antennalcleaners on her forelegs. Smallest bees in the colony are workers but most of the colony is built of worken workers carry on all the duties in the colony such as comb building, brood care, and lay eggs. Wax secrete from specialized glands on the underside of their abdomens to build honey comb.

nectar is converted by worker into honey and store it in the hive as food for the members of the colony. some workers have to keep the hive clean and others have to do air conditioning. Queen is fed and cared by some worken. While other workers feed drones or the larvae in the cells. Hive is guarded by workers against intruders.
Workers generally live only for four to five weeks if they emerge in the summer,but they may live as long as six months to a year if they emerge from the pupa in the fall or winter.

A queen bee

Owns well-developed ovaries and lays all the eggs in the colony. The largest bee in the colony and has a long pointed abdomen for laying eggs. Her main function is to lay eggs. She lays both fertilized and unfertilized eggs. according to the size of the comb cell in which it has to be deposited. Fertilized eggs become workers or females. The unfertilized eggs develop into males or they are called drones. There is only one queen in a honey bee colony. The queen does not rule colony but she regulates by releasing chemicals from her body that maintain the social order in the colony. The queen leaves the hive only to mate or to swarm queen bees usually live for two or three years.


Male bees are called drones. There are large eyes in the front of their needs. Because of their eyes and large heavy bodies. They seem different from the worken and queen. They have smaller jaws and they have no sting. Although the drones are smaller than the queen bee. They are larger than the workers. Their wings are powerful and they have heavy bodies. They can’t suck up nectar as their mouthparts are not long enough. So the workers have to feed them or they have to feed from the honey cells in the hive. Drones do not have pollen baskets or specialized glands. They have no work in the hive. The main function of the drones is to mate with a virgin queen. Maring is queen and drones are flying high in the air. After the mating, the drones die.


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