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What If Men On Instagram Behaved Like Girls?


Ashley Hesseltine, An established comedian and the creator of the “Bros Being Basic” Instagram page has a deep understanding of what it means to be “basic.” When typical white middle-class girls unintentionally began to adopt high-class styles, this started off as a cruel jab. Talk about it became increasingly common as more ladies followed similar patterns, making it a hot topic.

With time, ladies who were more accustomed to and adored leggings, pouty Instagram pictures, pumpkin lattes, and other things started to unfollow those things and start adhering to their simplicity instead. Since one of the key characteristics of being “basic” is not realising that you are “basic,” this self-awareness puts them in a bad situation and outright offends them. Since people must choose to like what they prefer, why should they find anything wrong with it?

“The feedback has been nothing but positive,” said Ashley in Bored Panda, “and it almost feels more like paying honour to women instead of criticising them.” Being a feminist and a woman, I can naturally produce stuff that won’t offend other women. In addition, our amazing female fans can make fun of their own “basic” traits and laugh at themselves.

When parodies are done well, they are always funny and have universally applicable content for people of both genders. In the end, a lot of the content just features males being themselves rather than even making fun of female. On Instagram, guys may be just as simple and hungrier as girls!

Ashley got the idea for this website when the “basic” trend began to take off in society back in 2014. She said, “I had an idea for a blog post called What If Guys Acted Like Girls on Instagram.” “I asked all of my male friends to help me take the pictures, and the idea for the Instagram account came about when the blog gained a lot of popularity. On Thanksgiving Eve, I launched the account (with my friend Travis May’s assistance), and it took off right away.

At the present, this page is emerging from the shadows due to its growing popularity (at the moment there are 865k followers and the counting is not yet stopped). Some of these images I’ve included here and there before. However, I’ve made the decision to display more of these widely. Take a look at them by scrolling down. Please let us know what you think.

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