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Using metal wires from various industries, sculptor Darius Hulea creates portraits of historical figures in the form of sculptures.


Outstanding in his field, Romanian artist Darius Hulea is a sculptor who works with metal wires to create portraits of historical personalities. Hulea’s sculptures are indeed works of art. His ability to make three-dimensional sculptures that are animated is quite remarkable. His sculptures are genuinely impressive and eye-catching works of art and are simultaneously one of a kind.

By the way, Hulea discovered his passion for the arts from a very young age while his grandfather was working with agricultural tools and his grandmother was weaving traditional geometric patterns. During this time, Hulea was watching both of his grandparents. His familiarity with handicrafts was the impetus behind his decision to develop something novel by fusing artistic methods with commercial components.

“The realization that space may be drawn through a variety of metallic constructions, sometimes known as drawing in length, is one of the most important things that has ever occurred to me. Renowned painters such as Calder and David Smith, along with Picasso, have utilized industrial elements in their work. Picasso, on the other hand, used repurposed materials. My life as a sculptor has taken an unexpected turn due to these occurrences. According to my observations, this is the kind of drawing that can be found in the works of great-artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. They are sad and realistic compositions that may be comprehended with relative ease “, stated Hulea.

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