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Twenty Intriguing and Humorous Coincidences That Seem Impossible But Happened


Here are 20 entertaining and intriguing coincidences that may seem improbable yet actually occurred. There are many unexpected events in the world. Or, to put it another way, we are all aware that anything can happen without prior notice. Occasionally, though, events occur that defy our expectations.

Have fun while you scroll down. All photographs contain links that lead to the locations where they were captured. Feel free to view other photographs by these photographers on their personal websites or in their collections.

#1. “Three Girls In A Row, Wearing The Same-Colored Sweater, With Hair Of The Same Color”

Source: fall97

#2. This is how newspapers were stacked at my workplace.

Source: OilersFansDontMatter

#3. “Oddest-Odd-Possible-”

Source: komaram

#4. “The Restaurant Sign Was Saved By Accident”

Source: PixelBrother

#5. “My Rental Vehicle Is Parked On The Left. Arrived outside a winery’s parking lot-to-find this-“

Source: renaissance_boy_

#6. “Found the cliff where this Cliff Bar originated”

Source: AnGabhaDubh

#7. None of these individuals on the bus knew one another.

Source: onetinyspeck

#8. “Lucky Car”

Source: reddit.com

#9. “Glitch In The Matrix”

Source: Balzan12

#10. “They Then Went Their Separate Ways”

Source: Friendorphobia

#11. “The Cat Knocked My Daughter’s Fish Bowl Off The Dresser”

Source: slowf3

#12. “A Balding Bus”

Source: AceOS24

#13. “My daughter had a chin injury today and received this fortune cookie at dinner.”

Source: perawkcyde

#14. “Three cars of the same-make, model and ugly-color were parked in front of an ugly-colored building”

Source: mo0_mo0

#15. “A Pigeon Defecated a Self-Portrait on a Leaf”

Source: Koda_Has_A_Top_Hat

#16. “The Irony Here Is Amazing. Never Tell Me The Odds”

Source: ARF_Trooper_

#17. “After The Storm”

Source: AmmianusMarcellinus

#18. “The Serial Number On This Pizza Cutter”

Source: wolfshozzer

#19. “Two Commuters Sitting Beside Each Other Watching The Same Show In Sync.”

Source: GallowBoob

#20. “I Spent $7.11 And At A 7-Eleven At 7:11 Am”

Source: trumpmctrumpface

Source:- epicstotle.com


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