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This is how a plane goes up


Today the most excellent made of transport is plane. which was an experiment by wright brothers more than hundred years ago. Today it has been developed to space. In addition to this there are airbuses Airbus 380 which carry more than 500 passengers, and there 240 tons airplanes which carry goods, and attack planes and pilotless planes are new creations.

The aeroplane of Wright brothers

The invention of Orwil wright and Wilber wright became the beginning of all the planes at present on 17 th December 1903. They could start their first space flight after their experiment of a long period, It was the first attempt of space travel.
This plane had been named as Wright flyer. This was heavier than the sir and it could be controlled. It is the specialty of this plane. The first pilot was Orwil Wright. The first space flight was only 12 seconds. They could fly 37 meters. That day they could fly their plane thrice and the longest was the 59 seconds. They could travel 260 meters. The pilot of this journey was Wilber Wright. From 1890 they had done experiments and tried to do this.


There are 2 pilots minimuly in an aeroplane. Both of them have seperate duties when they fly the plane. If one pilot falls sick and when one pilot wants to take rest as there are two pilots it is very important. They have seperate decks, some travels have 10 hours. Then the pilot need rest. Food is given to these pilot from separate institutions. The purpose of this is to protect them from food poisoning.

Fix wing and Rotary wing

The wings which are fixed to the body are called fix wings. Helicopters and such planes are called rotary wings planes. Although helicopters don’t have wings the strength to take off the plane is given from rotating blades on the plane.


The main part of a plane taking off is the wings. The lifting done by these wings. There are two main wings in a plane and they are fixed to the body. The planes which have a pair o wings are called monoplane. In old planes, there are two pairs of wings. They are called by plane.
According to the way the wings are fixed to the body there are three main planes.

  • High wings

The wings are fixed in these planes above the body. They can be seen in cargo planes.

  • Mid wings

These wings are fixed to the mid of the body. In passenger planes, we can see this.

  • Low wings

These type of wings are down of the plane. Therefore the pilot can see the back of the plane. In attack planes this can be seen.


The cockpit of a plane is made in front of a plane. The total control is done in this cockpit but in some of the attack plane the cockpit is made up the plane.


In addition, to wings of the aeroplane the main part of the plane is engine. The main function of an engine is giving the necessary force to fly the plane by burning the fuel. The most expensive part of the plane is its engine. If one engine is broken on the way from a single-engine the plane can be landed safely. According to Newton’s third law, the function of the engine is occurred.


These are used when taking off a plane and landing they can be seen at the end of the main wings.

Landing gear

The wheels of the plane are called landing gears. When landing a plane they have a large weight. When the wheels collide on the runway an extreme pressure and friction occur. For all these a mixture of rubber, aluminum and metal have been used to make the wheels.

The maximum height of a plane flight

Normally after taking off a plane it goes up 30,000 feet during the first ten minutes. After that according to the experience of the pilots and code of law normally above 42000 feet it can fly.

Black Box

The black box can find the reasons for the plane crash. Although this is known as black box. The color of it is orange. There are two main parts in this box. One part records the speech of the pilots. The pilots conversation with the control room is very important. After a plane crash the reasons for the crash can be found from this. The other parts of the black box store the technical information of the plane. This is fixed at the back of the plane as the front part can be destroyed an accident. This is created from a special metal. Although the whole plane is destroyed this part is not destroyed.


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