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This 1958 article titled “129 Ways To Get A Husband” Demonstrates How Much The World Has Changed


If I asked you to describe the 1950s, what would you say? You would most likely discuss the Cold War that erupted between the US and the USSR, Elvis Presley’s popularity in the 1950s, or perhaps the first satellites to orbit the earth. Would you have considered the 1950s advice given by periodicals to women on how to woo men? You would be amazed at how times have changed after reading this 1958 McCall’s article headed “129 Ways to Get a Husband,” shared by Madison, Wisconsin resident Kim Marx- Kuczynski.

The opening line of the text, “There are sixteen million single women in the United States over the age of seventeen who are not married,” makes it clear that the great majority of them would prefer to get married at that age. The author has invited sixteen individuals to come up with ideas for methods that single women could employ to attract men’s attention. While some of these suggestions—like getting a hunting licence, ordering rare steaks, and refraining from gossiping—sound reasonable and appropriate, others appear rather dubious. The magazine claims, defending the writer, that they did ask the participants to set aside their critical

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