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These 23 Funny Cases of Positive Vandalism Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


Most people think of illegal actions involving deliberate damage to public or private property when the term “vandalism” is spoken. However, if someone uses their artistic ability and sense of humor to alter an otherwise boring space, then not all activities are considered wrong.
Consider graffiti as an example. In many urban locations, it is frequently frowned upon. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that these works of street art have the ability to hold our interest. They are actually more fascinating than annoying.
Here is a compilation of humorous vandalism-related pranks that we have put together. Some of them are so skillfully done that we can ignore the possibility that they are breaking some laws. Why not offer these street performers an opportunity to further beautify our environment through their innocuous actions?

1. That’s So Cool

source: Oakoak

2. Whoever Did This Deserves A F***ing Beer

source: GallowBoob

3. Clever Street Art

source: secretlakr

4. Advertisement Hacker Don’t Like Apple

source: imgur.com

5. Drop-In

source: ColourScientist

6. UFO Attack

source: johnlemonson

7. No Pie?

source: johnlemonson

8 Out Of Every 3 Snakes

source: sooo_many

9. Please Do Not Touch

source: johnlemonson

10. Subtle Yoyo Vandalism

source: GallowBoob

11. Looks Heavy

source: Calcd_Uncertainty

12. Sculpture Hack

source: SirJukesALot

13. To Whoever Put This On The Men’s Bathroom Light. You’re A Genius, Sir!

source: Leafy_Seadrago

14. Canadian Vandalism

source: buttonose

15. Calvin & Hobbes

source: johnlemonson

16. Mini Kong

source: SmileyFace-_-

17. Whoever Did This… Too Funny

source: gotemyey

18. Aren’t We All?

source: D4Z3

19. No Bills

source: ZadocPaet

20. A Few Nice Ones

source: Bierrr

21. What A Great Life Hack

source: Bierrr

22. Found This In My Italy Trip Archive, I Think It Belongs Here

source: kewko

23. I Don’t Always Laugh At Vandalism, But When I Do…

source: StupidNewGuy



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