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There is a bicycle path in Poland that is solar-powered and glows in the dark.


Cyclists will be interested in this glow-in-the-dark riding path, which shines with a hypnotizing blue hue when the sun goes down. The teeny-tiny community of Lidzbark Warminski is home to a one-of-a-kind bike trail that can be discovered there.

The solar-powered cycling path emits a glowing light after dark and is lit up throughout the day. It is a new section recently added to an existing leisure route that leads all the way up to Wielochowskie Lake. TPA sp. z o.o. is an engineering company based in Europe. This road was built to prevent the fantastical occurrence of bicycle and pedestrian accidents.

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The path uses luminophores, artificial particles that absorb light and convert it into usable energy. And last, to discharge it during the night by producing light for up to ten hours.

Igor Ruttmar, President of the TPA, explains this: “The material of the track provides light for approximately ten hours.” This suggests that the road may continue to emit light throughout the night and then re-accumulate it the following day.

In addition to its apparent aesthetic value, this path ensures the safety of pedestrians and cyclists during the evening hours. This is a beneficial benefit.

Image Courtesy: inhabitat.com

Because it is powered solely by solar energy, the walkway has a minimal environmental impact.

Igor explains, “We feel that the lit cycling lane will help avoid bicycle and pedestrian accidents at night.” “There is a problem with that in Poland. Especially in more rural areas, which are more obscured by darkness and have lower visibility at night.

The brilliant blue colour of the lane was explicitly selected to go well with the breathtaking natural scenery in the vicinity.

“At night, it illuminates a beautiful blue, which contrasts wonderfully with the dark forest and river.” [Citation needed] “[T]he forest and the river are both gloomy.” Igor commented that the brilliance provides a delightful finishing touch to the area’s already lovely surroundings, which include lakes, little hills, and agriculture.

Image Courtesy: inhabitat.com

At this time, the nighttime lighting along the bike path extends only 328 feet. However, they have plans to make the glowing trail even longer shortly.

“We’d like to put this tiny part to the test. “We’ll evaluate how it survives the winter and then come up with a plan to extend it,” Igor added. “We’d like to put this small section to the test.”

Even though other European businesses have considered the issue, none of them have developed a solution that is as eco-friendly as the bike lane the TPA has developed.

Image Courtesy: inhabitat.com

In addition, in the municipality of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, a Dutch designer built a bike route called “Starry Night” in 2014. This was the location where the famous artist Van Gogh lived for several years.

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