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The Third Grade Teacher teaches Science in a Full Body Suit!


One teacher was the one who gave their all and taught every student. They were the ones who cared and tried their best. Veronica Duque was such a teacher. The 43-year-old Duque decided to creatively teach 3rd-grade science students anatomy by dressing in a full-body suit, which detailed the human body.

“I have been teaching for 15 years now,” Veronica said to Bored Panda. “I teach social and natural science, art, and English.” It is so difficult for children this young to see the dispositions of internal organs. I thought it would be worth it to give it another try.” She currently teaches third grade and is constantly looking for creative ways to reach children’s minds and provide them with a solid understanding.


After Mike tweeted the photos, the teacher became instantly viral. The tweet received over 70K likes and 14k comments and symbolized creativity and dedication. She isn’t finished yet. Veronica is not afraid to surprise her students in many ways.

She said, “I decided long ago to use disguises in history lessons.” I’m using cardboard crowns to teach my students grammatical categories like nouns and adjectives. There are many grammar kingdoms.

“I would like to see society stop thinking of teachers as lazy bureaucratic public servants. We are certainly not.

Her Husband is sure proud of her creative and bold move.



Veronica, in her suit, was mentioned by many internet commenters as Slim Goodbody.

John Burstein created Slim Goodbody, a costumed character that champions children’s health. Millions of children in Discovery Education currently view his productions. The live shows he presents in tour theatres across the US reach thousands of children annually. Slim also published fifty children’s books. His work was honored by Parent’s Choice and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. He was also recognized with awards from the President’s Council on Physical-Fitness and Sports and the World Health Organization.

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