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The Tampa Zoo Showcases Their Endangered Species Baby Bongo


This is fantastic news from ZooTampa, where an Eastern baby named Bongo was born on May 1st. Every new animal born at the zoo is a cause for celebration. This baby, on the other hand, was a one-of-a-kind arrival. The Eastern Bongo is one of the world’s most endangered antelope species. Even a single increase in their numbers is significant to wildlife officials, enthusiasts, and zoo staff.

This is a female calf, delivered by Blitzen for the first time. She weighed roughly 35 ounces at delivery, and the medical team determined that Bongo was a healthy calf. These antelopes are the world’s largest forest grazing antelope species. The stripes easily identify them on their bodies.

They are highly endangered because they were hunted in vast quantities many years ago. As a result of continued hunting and diminishing numbers, their populations have declined. Because only a small number of animals can repopulate their species on their own, authorities and zoos have taken steps to save them by breeding them in captivity. These Bongo antelopes at the Zoo Tampa were also captive-bred to ensure the survival of their species. ZooTampa has further information and a photo.

#1. The lovely baby girl and her mother.

These animals are unique natural creations. Let us all help save these animals by spreading the word to our friends and family.

#2. Giving its kind hope.



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