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The Tail of an Abandoned “Unicorn” Puppy Is Found On His Forehead


“Narwhal the Little Amazing Furry Unicorn,” a ludicrously adorable rescue puppy with what looks to be a tail sprouting on her forehead, has taken the world by storm.

And, before you ask, he doesn’t wag his tail when he’s happy.

Mac’s Mission, a Missouri dog rescue organization, published the puppy’s photo, adding that he’d recently been rescued with another older dog. The Jackson-based centre’s “we specialize in special” concept gives extra care to dogs with special requirements or rare health concerns that might otherwise struggle in overcrowded shelters.

Mac’s Mission told IFLScience, “He was rescued in rural Missouri, where many [dogs] get dumped.” “This saves dozens of lives.” “They’re constantly in bad shape.”

Fortunately, he is currently in good hands and appears in excellent health. Narwhal was carried to a neighbouring veterinarian by Mac’s quest, who gave him the all-clear except for a few easy-to-treat worms common in rescue puppies.

The vet even performed X-rays on the dog to figure out what was causing his odd front feature. While the source of the birth abnormality is unknown, the extra tail does not appear to represent a hazard to his health.

In a Facebook post, the rescue centre claimed, “The unicorn face tail does not affect Narwhal, and he never slows-down just like any other puppy.”

“The extra tail is unattached to anything and serves no use other than to make him the COOLEST PUPPY EVER,” they continued.

“Right now, he’s the most amazing, one-of-a-kind example of what we do here, and we’re so grateful to be a part of his journey.”

Narwhal is not ready for adoption, even though his family wants to watch him until he is a little older and more robust. According to the comments on social media, he has a sizable following.




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