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The Silly Anti-Social Commuters Seen on Camera


#1 Subway For Dinner

Subway For Dinner

This woman’s supervisor made her work late that night, even though she was supposed to make dinner for a gentleman she was very into. She didn’t have enough time, so she completed part of the preparation in the metro. When people started crying over the chopped onion, she had to stop.

#2 Smuggle Snuggles Operation

Operation Smuggle Snuggles

Pets are not allowed anywhere on the Moscow subway system. However, because their divorce decree stipulates that they share custody of Snuggles, this woman has to move her cat back and forth between her house and her ex- husband’s. To carry the cat, she stuffs Snuggles inside a Dick Tracy raincoat that she puts on. Her serious and suspicious attitude suggests that she does not want to be shot for fear that the image would be used against her and her rail pass will be cancelled.

#3 Brushing To Work

Brushing To Work

She chose to complete her morning routine this morning on the train rather than at home. during rush hour in the morning. When she started putting cosmetics on the train, no one gave it a second glance. When it came to the dental hygiene part of her daily regimen, strangers gawked in shock. In her leather bag, she even spat. Simply use mouthwash strips the next time, or even better, get up a bit early and complete it all at home.

#4 Drunchies


That night, she was at the pub with friends, including her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, and she was trying to look like she was having a good time. She tried to act like she was having fun, but all she could think about was getting out and getting some pizza. She slept off and dropped the pizza, but she woke up and ate it all because of the well positioned parchment paper.

#5 Ghillie Chair

Ghillie Seat

This looks like a monster from a 1950s B horror movie, but it’s actually a smart, competent person. This guy is a trainee sharpshooter with the elite Army Rangers squad. When the trainees were off-base, their commander gave them the order to always wear their ghillie suits, which are typically worn for field camouflage. They will be expelled from the programme if they are discovered to be without them. There will be no room for error from this youngster.

#6 Car Isn’t So Smart

Not So Smart Car

This Smart Car’s owner seems like a total fool at first impression. If you plan to use your automobile exclusively for subway travel, why acquire one? But when you give it some thought, it’s actually pretty enjoyable. He has his own temperature control in there, and if the battery lasts, he won’t have to worry about metro moles scuffing him. Additionally, he can play loud music and no one will object. Maybe we all underestimate his intelligence.

#7 Nevermore


This admirer of Edgar Allen Poe went so far as to buy a black bird to go with the eerie lyricist’s well-known poem, “The Raven.” She appears to be carefree despite her all-black ensemble and makeup, but in compliance with public transportation standards, she has the raven on a blue leash. Maybe under all the cosmetics, leather trousers, and depressing attitude, she is a social law enforcer.

#8 Snack Time

Casual Snack

Since it can taint the ride, eating on the bus is frowned upon. If you consume something like curry, it can get quite bad. Another big problem is french fries from fast food restaurants. It can be overpowering to be forced to smell it on the bus, even though it could smell wonderful to some. When this woman started eating fries on the bus, she was screamed at right away. She consumed some low-odor mayonnaise to help her with this issue. Nevertheless, the sight of this lunch infuriated people.

#9 Maniac Subway Incident

Subway Maniac Incident

This guy has always been an attention-seeker. Everywhere he travels, he dons vibrant clothing, like the red pants pictured above. The so-called “subway maniac” saw a great chance to draw attention to himself when he triggered various problems. It was an easy plan: he would act strange on the metro and draw attention to himself. But even in the midst of the subway maniac’s rampage, dangling upside down was insufficient to draw attention from New Yorkers.

#10 On The Train With The Morning Paper

Taking The Morning Paper On The Train

Who needs friends when you have this human-shaped, crumpled paper-mache disaster? Odd things happen on the train all the time, but this has to be the saddest since this guy might have been a regular person. You can understand why someone is acting oddly when you see them on the subway wearing no pants and homemade tattoos on their face. But he can make it all right and be normal if he can purchase a G-shock watch.

#11 Lettuce Heads

Head Of Lettuce

When she got to her job as a line chef at a restaurant in midtown, they had run out of hairnets. Rather, she and her colleagues used a legal loophole that makes nearly anything that covers the entire head an acceptable hairnet. They took a head of lettuce and chopped it up, then arranged little yarmulkas of greens on top of their heads. The house salad wasn’t available on this specific day, which was the only issue.

#12 Addict to Video Games

Video Game Addict

This guy is eager to leave his video gaming addiction behind and move back and forth between Astoria and the Lower East Side. The subway setting doesn’t help his mother’s suspicions that he has an addiction to video games. In any event, he is getting offers to compete in Korea as a result of being at the top of the leaderboard for certain games. This guy will soon be spotted in the aisle of an Asian-bound flight with his Xbox.

#13 Individual With Style

Classy Individual

This guy thought other metro riders were beneath him, therefore he never anticipated to be grouped in with them. After all, he took the time to shave and style his hair, and he always wore a fitted suit. But he gave in when he had to decide between going hungry and eating on the metro due to a scheduling difficulty. He made the decision to preserve his air of superiority by being as civilised as possible by utilising a folding table.

#14 Good Versus Evil

Good Vs. Evil

Geeks would scoff at this exchange. It is a farce to combine the Batman of the DC realm with the Star Wars universe. Batman would be the stronger party in a fight because they are most likely on a Gotham subway. In reality, there is a quarrel between two Times Square artists about who gets to stand closest to the M&M store. The fight gets hot enough that some other passengers are transported to the next train car, even though no lightsabers or batarangs are employed in it.

#15 Defining Territory

Marking Territory

This woman moved to New York City from Ohio lately in order to take a new career. The city offers benefits, but it also has drawbacks. Her biggest grievance is that people don’t give each other enough space, especially while using public transit. She chose to use a real bubble to make sure she had a personal bubble rather than gamble. It is known as a Hoberman sphere and is easily transportable outside of the subway by retracting into a little ball the size of a pocketbook.

#16 The Unusual Couple

The Odd Couple

Upon the completion of his first year midterms, he took the Amtrak back to his hometown to spend Thanksgiving with his relatives. He was surprised to see his neighbour on the train become so comfortable. The middle-aged man created himself a real home, complete with a full-sized pillow, undershirt, and shorts hiked up higher than any young person would conceive of hiking them up. The eight hours were uncomfortable for the college student, but he was distracted by the notion of turkey and gravy.

#17 Flava Flav?

Flava Flav?

This woman looks like a huge fan of Public Enemy, especially hype man Flava Flav, who wears a clock on his breast that is probably smaller than the enormous timepiece she wears around her neck. You would presume this when you saw her on a train vehicle. She is actually a devout luddite who avoids using any contemporary technology. She proudly doesn’t possess a computer, uses books instead of e-readers, and has (big) clocks in place of phones.

#18 Stay Away From The Closing Doors

Split Clear Of The Closing Doors

Despite being impoverished, this contemporary Robin Hood persisted in attending his pricey dance classes. He would not let the exorbitant cost of living and rent in New York City stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a Broadway dancer. He went to the subways and said to everyone trying to enter and exit that he was gathering money from the wealthy—that is, from them—and giving it to the underprivileged (himself). Sadly, a disgruntled passenger acting as a modern-day Sheriff of Nottingham ejected him from the train.


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