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The owners of a Corgi are taken aback when they see their pet completely covered in crimson.


Your dogs are constantly surprising you. They always give their all, whether it’s a heartbreaking surprise or a super-loving surprise. You may experience heart attacks as a result of seeing their work. Whatever they do, however, you always end up liking them more. When it comes to dogs, they are extremely entertaining. You may have heard stories about dogs doing strange things to make their owners laugh or cry.

When it comes to corgies, they do some incredible things. This is what a Corgi called Cartier did. His human parents had suffered a minor heart attack as a result of his actions. “Blood” had been splattered all over the dog. It’s crimson syrup, despite how it appears.

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#1 Cartier’s extraordinary acting had worried his mother and father.

Image credits: Corgi-cartier

This Corgi Cartier belongs to the owners of the BLABLA-boo coffee business in Ayutthaya, Thailand. They had also posted on Facebook about how their adoring puppy had given them a heart attack. They had apparently allowed him out for a walk, which he frequently does. And because he hadn’t returned in the time he usually does, they began looking for him.

#2 The dog had been discovered coated in “blood” in the kitchen.

Image credits: BLABLA-b๋oo – Premium Dog Cafe

They had looked everywhere for him, and when he was nowhere to be seen, they turned to the kitchen. That’s when they noticed him lying down in a pool of blood. They were taken aback when they saw him for the first time. But then they noticed a red syrup bottle that had been opened on the ground.

#3 It’s the red syrup he’d been drenched in.

Image credits: BLABLA-b๋oo – Premium Dog Cafe

Cartier was probably playing in the kitchen when he knocked the bottle over and spilled the syrup. Who wouldn’t want some with some crimson syrup? And the Facebook post they published drew over 10,000 reactions and nearly 6,000 comments. And it had been shared by over 11k people.

#4 Cartier must have had a lot of fun rolling around in the red syrup.

Image credits: Corgi-cartier

#5 Cartier’s work continues to be amusing.

Image credits: Corgi-cartier


Image credits: Corgi-cartier


Image credits: Corgi-cartier

#8 Here’s what people had said about this

#9 Some had said that this was staged

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