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The Lady From Sweden Alongside Her Very Own Domestic Giant Cat


This is a fantastic tale about a Swedish woman’s large pet cat, which lived its entire life in Sweden. Specifically, this cat, which is of the Majestic Maine breed and stands at the same height as its owner, belongs to the genus. It is said that they are descended from an unknown lineage of Norwegian wildcats that lived in the past. This cat breed is a giant domestic cat that can be found anywhere around the globe.

Even though it only weighs approximately 25 pounds, this cat appears to be significantly larger than it is due to its massive fur coat. People can view photographs and videos that are posted to an Instagram account that is dedicated to cats. This account has over 350,000 followers. This cat was given the name Lotus Flower by its owner. The lotus makes a delightful companion, but it also likes to spend time in nature, which serves as its ancestral and original playing ground. Look at some fantastic photographs, and then tell us what you think about them in the below section!

Image courtesy: lotus_the_mainecoon

Source:- Viral9.net


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