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The Internet loves adorable dogs with Different Eye Colors


The majority of us are amazed by how cute and affectionate they are. Imagine if the dog we choose to adopt is adorable and unique. This puppy named lucky seems to be experiencing all of that. Lucky is just two years old. Lucky was born with Heterochromia Iridis, a rare (and often beautiful) condition that causes human beings and other animals to be delivered with two distinct eye colors. It is most noticeable in cats and dogs. The eye’s iris gets colored with melanin (the same substance that provides the skin a luminous appearance.). In the case of this puppy, one eye is blue in the lightest shade, while the other is brown. Lucky is a resident of Thailand together with the owner. Charice Fca Cha adopted him in August, and, within that time, he’s already established himself as an absolute star.

When Charice and luck are in the air, he always attracts attention with his unique pair of brown and blue eyes.

In the end, his eyes aren’t all that makes him adorable. He also has a dark brown arch over the right look that gives him the appearance of a cartoon character, making him an internet sensation.

Lucky has been genuine. The story was revealed after Charice uploaded his picture on the Internet. However, a small group has been unable to believe it’s true.

Fortunately, Lucky is in good health, even a little overweight, when Charice adopts her. However, she plans to bulk him up through a healthier diet.

Charice Fca Cha
Charice Fca Cha
Charice Fca Cha



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