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The Cutest Puppy With A Handlebar Mustache, Salvador Dolly, has arrived!


Each puppy is distinct and endearing in its own way. While some pups are lovely and plump, some have the most beautiful eyes, fluffiness, and those who steal our hearts simply by being mischievous and entertaining. Additionally, some immediately capture the look with their unusual colours and stand out in a throng.

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Salvador Dolly is a lovely puppy from Dallas with a unique characteristic.

Salvador Dolly, a Dallas rescue dog with a gorgeous moustache that stretches from one side of her lip to the other, would like to meet you. Salvador is currently being cared for in a foster home in New York. She is one of eleven puppies in a litter of eleven.


“It’s puppy season in Dallas right now, and there are multiple moms with litters at the shelter all the time. “Allison Seelig of Hearts & Bones Rescue explained. “Dallas Animal Services, the third-largest shelter in the country in terms of animal intakes, took in mama and her 11 puppies as homeless and cared for them for two weeks. But puppies had a high risk of becoming ill in the shelter home, so we had to remove them,” she added. It took less than a week to relocate the complete family of 12 from the shelter to foster care, courtesy of Dallas Animal Services and Hearts & Bones Rescue.


“The entire family is now calm in a cozy and secure home, receiving health care and monitoring the puppies until they are old enough to be weaned. ” Allison reported, adding that the puppies are still nursing at 5 weeks old. While the 12 puppies are currently housed in the same foster home. The non-profit group plans to relocate them to New York City in late August. Place them in different foster homes until they find their forever homes.


According to Seelig, the puppies, like their mother, are extremely lively and naughty and are doing well. “The puppies are all so unique and sweet, and while we are currently swamped with applications for Dolly, her siblings are still looking for homes in New York City! Additionally, we are searching for foster families in New York City that are prepared to accept the puppies whenever they arrive, “she clarified. Individuals who are interested in assisting with foster care or helping the puppies find their forever homes can contact Hearts & Bones Rescue via their website.


Hearts & Bones Rescue is a foster-based dog rescue organization with teams in Dallas, Texas and New York City, New York. They partner with overcrowded shelters (such as those in Dallas), often taking in more than 100 animals in a single day. Their primary objective is to save as many lives as possible. And to assist in every manner possible in caring for the pets. “Once our dogs are released from the shelter, we place them in foster homes in the Dallas area for two weeks to ensure their health and then transport them to New York City. where the demand for canine adoption is shockingly high!” Allison explained the process.

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