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The art of posing with sculptures has been taken to a new level in these 22 examples.


The sculpture has evolved into a distinctive form of art in recent years; today, it is common to find examples of this form of art displayed in a variety of tourist locations because it not only contributes to the aesthetic appeal of these locations but also provides a variety of avenues through which visitors can be entertained. You’ve probably experienced situations where you came across various strange-looking sculptures enacted in the funniest ways possible. If this has happened to you, the first thing that perhaps came to mind was to take a picture of yourself-with the sculpture. However, would you say that you are someone who has perfected the art of striking a sculptural pose?

Take a picture of yourself-posing with a sculpture in the most common way possible. The resulting image will be so “common” that you might not notice anything noteworthy. However, if you think about it, posing with a sculpture can be as simple as standing next to it. If you give it some thought, you might realize that all it takes is standing next to it. But if you take a photograph in such a way that it makes the sculpture perfect, you have created a masterpiece with that photograph. Here we have several such pictures shot by individuals who have achieved mastery in the art.

These folks have made the sculpture look even more stunning by striking such bizarre poses. We sincerely hope that you will take pleasure in viewing them and consider sending us similar photographs that you have taken. Now, let’s find out which poses are the most impressive of all time!

#1 Kiss Him Like This!

#2 Is This A Sculpture Or Someone Real?

#3 True Laughs Have No Boundaries!

#4 Is She That Tasty Dude?

#5 This Is How I Drag My Boy To School When He Tries To Stay At Home

#6 Hammer This Worm!

#7 What You Did Was Not The Funny Dude!

#8 Is This A Green Color Human?

#9 You Have To Shave Regularly When You Are A Public Figure

#10 Oh My God! What Is The Thing That He Is Holding?

#11 That Historical Moment You Take A Selfie With Him!

#12 21st-Century Tricks Of

#13 I Am Wondering How This Guy Gets Into There!

#14 See This Is How We Post Things On Facebook

#15 Please Don’t Kill Him, Guys!

#16 Aww! How Sweet Is This Kiss!

#17 If you could, my dear, I Didn’t Have Any Conversation With Her.

#18 This Is Not Very ‘Nice,’ If You Ask Me.

#19 There is a Good Chance They Won’t Appreciate This Pose Very Much!

#20 Please Give Me Possession of This Delicate Infant!

#21 What Is It That He Can Say to Her?

#22 In the modern world, many things function just like this.

All the photo credit goes to the respective owners.

Source:- auxx.me


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