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Starbucks Employee Tears In tears after they’re scheduled for 8 hours of work


Recently a Starbucks barista uploaded a video of themselves being in a rage, and it has since become the focus of interest online.

The video illustrates the employee’s opinions on management and rude customers; however, it was the employee’s words concerning their timetable that split the online audience.

The barista and college students said that a long twenty-hour workweek and eight-hour shifts during weekends were too difficult for them.

In the ensuing days, one group of users on Twitter began calling them spoiled and soft, and the other group supported them by saying that exploitation has many different faces.

It is reported that a Starbucks barista is accused by the company of working conditions that were not ideal.

Trans Barista has meltdown because 8-hours is too long to work-on-a-day… pic.twitter.com/IfVSzZ4G0w

-Sebastian Gorka DrG Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) 30 October 2022

In-a-video that has gone viral, the group of people rants about their schedule and management

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It also highlighted the necessity to unite

A degree earned getting a degree in the US costs a lot. Many people in the US underestimate its costs. Based on the 2020 Fidelity Investments survey College Savings & Student Debt, 38 percent of high school pupils and one out of four parents think that one year of college could cost $5,000 or less. However, this is much less than they’re likely to spend at private and public four-year institutions. (In addition to fees and tuition, students are also required to be responsible for other costs, such as food, housing, and textbooks, which could cost thousands of dollars annually.)

Of course, it’s contingent on the college you go to. The tuition and fees for an in-state public college that is ranked is around 74% lower than the median sticker price at a private institution ($39,723). Yet, it’s still $10,423 for 2022-2023. The average price for students who aren’t from the state of Georgia at public universities amounts to $22,953 in the same period.

It should not be a surprise that many students, such as the one who made the video, are required to be employed if they wish to be able to graduate. In 2020, the proportion of full-time students who worked to work was 40 % (additionally, the percentage of part-time undergraduates employed was 74 percent).

However, that’s usually just that way. In reality, the number is 42.8 million borrowers with outstanding federal student loan obligations, and the average amount of $37,787 (although the total amount (including private loans) could be up to $40,780).

The student loan debt in the United States totals $1.745 trillion.

While the student loan forgiveness program has been making news, many Americans applaud the government for providing relief. However, being ravaged by the years of the financial crisis, Many are struggling to fuel or purchase the essentials they need, let alone pay off more than five figures of debt.

After a survey of more than 2,000 Americans, The team from ELVTR, the online platform for education, informed Bored Panda in in the form of a declaration that the following is the way Americans are affected by their student debt:

  • 63% of Americans are struggling to pay federal loan bills despite a forgiveness program;
  • 60 percent of educated Americans earn less than the majority of their acquaintances with no degree;
  • 32% of them had to put off the beginning of a family due to student debt. 53% of them could not have the money to travel;
  • 36% of people regret taking loans, and 77% regret their higher-ed choices.

The results are shocking. Roman Peskin, CEO of ELVTR and ELVTR, stated: “The United States’ higher education system has been ruined by years of decline. Students forfeit years of their lives and huge amounts of money to achieve the American Dream: a well-paid job and the ability to be comfortable. However, those goals remain just a wish for the majority of students. They are taught various useful subjects and skills but cannot master any… as well with a huge price to their mental and financial well-being. The cost of college is increasing more quickly than inflation rates, and the issue will only worsen. Loan forgiveness, though an excellent idea, can be an ice cube — but before we can dress the wound, we must make sure that we stitch it up first.”

Everyone can have their own opinions about how this person manages this pressure think everyone can agree that looking over the line and seeing the difficulties can cause a huge amount of stress.

The barista, at first, was able to receive a fair amount of the support


Image credits: nonbinarybooty

Image credits: nonbinarybooty

Image credits: nonbinarybooty

Recently, Starbucks employees have been very vocal about their work. This month, for instance, employees at more than 100 Starbucks were on strike during the next phase of the chain’s labor campaign. The walkouts occurred on Starbucks’ Red Cup Day, which is one of the company’s most busy dates on the calendar.

CNN revealed that over 2,000 workers participated. The union claimed that the strike was to demonstrate reprisals against union supporters across the country. It also reacted to the company’s inability to negotiate with the union over an initial labor contract.

264 stores in the country have voted to support union representation. However, no agreements have been agreed upon, even at stores that voted for union representation nearly an entire year in the past.

“This is to let them know that we’re not playing with fire,” said Tyler Keeling, an employee of the union who is 26 and has worked for a Starbucks in Lakewood, California — close to Los Angeles — for the past six years. “We’re finished with the anti-union tactics and the fact that they have withdrawn from bargaining.”

It has also been the case that Starbucks has repeatedly denied that it had been retaliating against any employee because of their support for the union and has claimed that the labor union is responsible for not making negotiations. Starbucks has justified the dismissal of union members as a proper enforcement of the rules applicable to all employees, referred to as “partners.”

However, they did not want to. National Labor Relations Board -which regulates union representation, votes applied to federal court to seek a national cease and desist order to stop Starbucks from taking revenge against union members.

The NLRB report stated that there was a “number as well as a pattern of Starbucks unjust work methods … especially discharges” against unionists in its stores.

However, as time passed, they were met with a variety of negative feedback, and people began to have heated debates about the current situation with customer service.


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That has resulted in an even greater number of positive comments.


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