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Plus-Size Models Wear Celebrity Clothes Without Being Skinny


In the modern world, one of the most concerning social elements is fashion. Many people use many kinds of fashion aspects to style themselves. However, there are more people who are dissatisfied with their bodies than there are who adorn themselves with stylish clothing and other items.

The mainstream fashion norms are primarily to blame for this. In their advertising campaigns, the fashion and other pop industries have always emphasised “ideal” bodies. People have long been under the impression that having a “perfect” figure is the only way to look stylish and good. For a considerable amount of time, Katie Sturino has been advocating for body positivity on social media. She has also been using her Megababe brand—which has been doing an amazing job in recent years—to promote awareness in society by using the hashtag #SupersizeTheLook.

However, because artists, celebrities, and other prominent figures have such a huge impact on the modern world, Sturino organised a picture shoot that will benefit many individuals who look up to superstars. Sturino looked stylish in clothes that a few celebs have worn, and she looked amazing on her larger frame. This told everyone that being stylish does not require having a slender figure. She looked quite stylish while wearing and rocking the same ensembles.

Since Sturino’s effort has benefited many women worldwide, this sparked conversations and she got a lot of encouraging feedback from individuals all over the world. Many people have shared her photos, and in light of these developments, her brand is growing.

You can click on the links to find out more information. In the interim, we’ve gathered a few of Sturino’s images in which she mimics famous people’s portraits while dressing identically. Take a look at them all by scrolling down, then vote for the picture that you like most to make it stand out. We would also be delighted to hear what you think about this storey in the comments area.

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