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Photographers captured the Unique Beauty Of A Girl With Albinism And Heterochromia


Chechen photographer Amina Arsakova became into a shopping center when she spotted an image of eleven-year-old Amina Ependieva. And immediately, she was intrigued and mesmerized by the younger lady’s appearance. This is because Ependieva has two uncommon genetic situations: albinism and heterochromia. And these situations have made her one in one million.

Image Credit & More Info: Amina Arsakova

#1. Albinism reduces the amount of melanin pigment within the skin, eyes, and hair, while heterochromia effects in a difference in the color of the iris

#2. Ependieva has them both; she has white-blonde hair and faded pores and skin with one blue eye and one brown eye


#3. Arsakova wanted to do a photoshoot with this stunning younger female, and contacting her wasn’t clean


#4. After a few searching, she should get her mom’s smartphone range. They scheduled a portrait session after that


#5. “Amina Ependieva became out to be a very quality and calm girl,” Arsakova tells


#6. The snapshots are remarkable. They depict Ependieva in tranquil interior scenes in which she is seated in a neutral putting. The near-united states of America seize the excellent splendor of the young girl


#7. Arsakova was given to know the lady through photograph-making, yet she has plenty to study Ependieva


#8. “Unfortunately, it was never possible to find out details about the functions of her look,” she says


#9. “I hope that inside the close to destiny, it will likely be viable to arrange a brand new photograph shoot with Amina Ependieva and chat in a comfortable environment.”



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