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Oymyakon the coldest Town in the world


Oymyakon which is the coldest town in the world is situated in Gatha close to the Indikirika River in Russia.

Oymyakon the coldest Town
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Population in Oymyakon city

Less than 500 people live here at present. In 2010, 900 people had lived here. But day by day people has left this city.


house in Oymyakon city
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During nine months of the year, the temperature of oymyakon town is below 0 oc.  Normally during nine months, the temperature is -40 oc. The coldest time of the year is January. During January this town is covered completely. In January the temperature of this town goes down to -42oc. But in some years this has gone up to -71oc. But it is an unofficial report. But the people who live here say that even that amount has gone up.

According to Genius reports among the towns, people live the coldest town is oymyakon. In 1933 the temperature of this town is -67oc.

Not only that in Wercoyaus city in Russia the temperature has gone to -67oc in 1892. This Wercoyans city is also situated near oymyakon. But it is not colder than oymyakon.

The lowest value of temperature has been recorded from Antarctica where there are no people. In Vostoc Centre on 21st July 1982, the temperature was -89.2oC. It is the lowest value of the temperature in the earth today.

The lifestyle in this town is wonderful when water is thrown out it becomes ice. It is an unpleasant experience.  


Foods that Oymyakon city people eats
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The people in this town eat meat or fish as their food to face the high coldness. There should be an oil layer on the skin to face the high coldness. In this environment vegetables or crops are not grown.

As there is a high coldness in this place the engines of the vehicles should be kept starting. Otherwise because of this cold engines stull.

In this town, refrigerators can be seen minimumly. But there are heaters and ovens which make 2 or 3 in every house.

When people walk in outdoors people wear clothes to cover their whole body. If they could not do so their hair eyebrow becomes ice-like needles. During this season people who walk speak very little as their lips become petrified lips can be blasted and they become hurt. 

There is a school in this town. When the temperature goes below -50oc the school is closed.

The habit of this town has started in 1920. From that day people had led a very difficult life.  Goods and fuel to this city are transported from trains but for passenger transport trains are not used.

How to visit this Oymyakon city

Two people in Oymyakon Town
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Tourists should travel to Moscow airport in Russia and from there they should travel to Yakutsk or Margadan cities by air or train.

From there they have to travel 900 km to oymyakon. Tourists have to travel by taxi or by hiring vehicles. Without a guide, tourists should not go (It is not suitable). There are hotel facilities for the tourists. However, oymyakon town is a cold and beautiful town. This is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The temperature during July – September is 6.2oc – 22oc­­. People in this town live happily by conducting various ceremonies but from August temperature decreases and in October it goes to minus value. Normally the daytime in this town is  June – August is 21 hours. But from December to February nighttime is 21 hours. Actually, this city is not considered for living for ordinary people.

However, oymyakon is a good place to see Aurora lights. But it is very difficult to see tourists who come to visit these.  

If tourists visit this place they should have a good courage. Most of the houses in this place are abandoned. There is not a good for emergency.

The life expectancy of the people in this town is very high but very rarely a birth occurs because population development can’t be seen. Dogs and horses are the only animals which can be seen in this town.

There’s only one market in this town. Orders should be done earlier. Therefore people cannot buy what they want at any time. If they want to buy they should go to Yakutsk town which takes two days to go.

According to foreign web reports within a short time, this town will be people less. Then there will not be the coldest town in the world where people live. 


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