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Over twenty different behaviors that have cat owners asking, “What the heck is wrong with my cat?” (All New Images)


Even when they are happy and healthy, cats tend to act in unpredictable and strange ways. One moment your domesticated cat may be lazing around and purring contentedly on your lap; the next, it’s prowling the neighborhood and stealing things from your neighbors.

However, it would help if-you didn’t rely solely on what I said. These critters are capable of exceptional levels of spontaneity and daring, as demonstrated by the entire subreddit dedicated to the bizarrely hilarious antics they engage in.

The question “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” serves as the title of this piece. There are already 583,000 people who are a part of the online community, and they routinely share videos of “malfunctions” that their pets engage in.

Don’t forget to check out the interview we had with Lucy Hoile, a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviorist (CCAB), the next time you get the chance! It is dispersed across the several photographs in the gallery.

#1 When we turn on a fan or air filter, our daughter sits just in front of it and does her “fan face.”


#2 My Cat Staring At-A Piece Of Rice


According to cat behaviorist Lucy Hoile, who maintains an outstanding Facebook page on which she posts entertaining and educational information regarding cats, our furry friends probably believe that we are just as strange as we make them out to be. This is the case regardless of whether or not we like it.

#3 Cosmo (Office Cat) (Office Cat). Only spent days in the sink. He Was Taken To The Vet. Vet Said He Is Constantly In The Sink Because He Is A Cat.


#4 I Don’t Even-Know What-To-Say


#5 My Cat Likes-To-Sleep In A Perfectly-Straight-Line


Some believe cats are challenging to train because they developed as solitary hunters with minimal need to recognize social indicators, particularly those for behavior adjustment. They also think that this is the factor that has always served as the primary difference between humans and cats. Hoile believes this statement is incorrect and that, with a few key components, cats may be trained with the same degree of success as dogs (or any other animal).

Because cats seldom do anything for nothing, the most effective teaching method is to use rewards and treats. It is not easy to find a bonus that would serve as a good source of motivation; the endeavor must be meaningful! She raised her voice.

“In most cases, odoriferous foods, such as little servings of chicken or tuna, work out well. Because people tend to lose interest in anything quickly, training sessions should be kept to a minimum in length and segmented into manageable, modest increments.

#6 More Food !!!


#7 90-Degree Kitty


#8 A spider wove a web between the cat’s ears since she was so slothful.


#9 If I Fit… Aw, S**ts


In addition to that, keep in mind that each cat has its personality. And to this day, we do not have a complete understanding of the reasons why. Nevertheless, we are making headway! For example, a recent study conducted by Azabu University in Japan proposes that the gut microbiomes of cats and chemicals such as cortisol, oxytocin, and testosterone may be responsible for the social behavior of some felines. In contrast, others do not exhibit any social behavior at all.

After separating the 15 animals from the shelter into groups, the researchers randomly housed five cats in three rooms measuring 13 by 25 feet for two weeks. They not only used video cameras to record the cats’ behavior throughout this time, but they also collected urine and feces from the cats to determine the levels of hormones and microbiological species.

#10 He’s Just Standing There… Menacingly


#11 Every single day, I believe that I cannot take a funnier photograph of her. Every Single Day, She Confirms My Error.


#12 Occasionally, My Lips Get Stuck On My Teeth.


#13 Not-Only Did He Steal The Vet’s Chair, but He also Had To Make A Face As Well


They found that cats with lower cortisol and testosterone levels were more social. In contrast, cats with higher cortisol and testosterone concentrations exhibited fewer social behaviors such as grooming, sharing food, or sniffing. Cats with lower cortisol and testosterone-levels were found to be more social than cats with higher concentrations of cortisol and testosterone.

In addition, cats who shared similar microbiomes communicated with one another more frequently, whereas cats with higher testosterone levels tried to escape their environment more frequently.

#14 He Threw His Socks On-The-Floor Again


#15 She’s A Scarf


#16 Am Cat. But Sometimes Wonder… Why Am Cat?


#17 Found This After Searching the Entire Residence for Her


According to Hikari Koyasu, the principal author of the study from Azabu University, who spoke with Inverse, “we do not feel our conclusions apply to all cat groupings” because the ages of the cats varied. Their origins were unknown in some cases.

In further research, the effects of environmental shifts and the maturation process of young people on social behavior should be investigated. The fact that the study discovered connections between hormones and behaviors does not necessarily mean a causal link between the two. The authors stressed that longer-term studies conducted over an extended period may be required to offer “more thorough information.”

#18 I Feel Like I Interrupted Something


#19 No-One Taught Her How To Use The Chair


#20 Instant Regret


#21 Chestnuts Roasting Over An Open Fire


However, sometimes your cat might truly be experiencing some issues. Like when the temperature is relatively high! Because of this, we are responsible for making every possible effort to ensure their safety and comfort throughout the year.

A behaviorist for cats named Lucy Hoile recommended that owners provide their feline companions ample amounts of clean water and offer it in various formats to encourage them to drink and ensure that they remain adequately hydrated. Some people enjoy drinking from tall cups or shallow plates, while others find that flowing water is more relaxing to their senses.

#22 Fred Having An Existential Crisis


#23 He Yells At-Grass Before He-Eats It


#24 GF’s Cat Is Having Some… Thoughts?




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