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Most Popular Tourist Destinations In Sri Lanka


#The Temple Of The Tooth(Dalada Maligawa)

The Temple Of The Tooth Sri Lanka

The Temple of the Tooth which is situated in Kandy is the most sacred place to worship the heart of the Buddhists in Sri Lanka. This is a golden rooted Temple which is open to devotees and tourists but you can’t actually see the tooth as it is kept in a gold casket shaped like a dagaba(stupa) which consists of a series of six dagaba casket of diminishing size.
Not only the scared mach temple, the complex includes a series of smaller temples,shriues, and museums.
Many worshippers of Sri Lanka and tourists, gather to this sacred place to worship, you have to wear clothes that cover your legs and shoulders and should remove your shoes.
This is a must-visit location for all tourists. Those who visit can catch a glimpse of Buddhist rituals. You may amazed when you see the architectural splendor and the historical importance of the Dalada Maligawa.

#Sigiriya Rock Fortress in Sri lanka

Sigiriya sri lanka

Sigiriya is an ancient rock. Fortress is located in Matale District n Sri Lanka. It was built by king kashyapa during the reign of 447-495 AD. The entrance to Sigiriya is like a shape of a lion’s mouth, so it’s called Sigiriya. You have to climb up 1200steps before you reach to Lion Rock fortress on top of Sigiriya.In 1982 Unesco named Sigiriya rock as a world heritage.
When you climb up the rock you can see the main features of the Sigiriya rock. They are the sigiri graffiti, lion’s paw entrance,Boulders garden, Mirror wall sigiri frescoes,(paintings of female figures) Extensive networks of landscaped gardens, Water gardens, Moats,Ranparts, and the remains of the place.
The graffiti on the mirror wall are the ideas of the visitors mainly about the frescoes.The most of the graffiti refers to the beautiful and attractive painings of semi-nude females.

#Rawana Ella Falls


This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. The falls are quite attractive and you can climb the rocks to get a very close look.
If you want to enjoy some time in the waterfall and if you love water this is the best place. You can spend some time day swimming but you must be safe as rocks are swippery.
The waterfall measures approximately 25m(82f) in high and cascades from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop.
This fall is a part of the rawana Ella wildlife scantuary which is located 6Km away from Ella Railway station.
I think before visiting this place it is better to know the legend behind this fall. better to know the legend behind this fall. This is connected to the famous Indian epic the Ramayanaya. According to this legend Ravana, Who was the king of Sri Lanka at that time had kidnapped Sita and had hidden her in the caves behind this waterfall.

#Udawalawa National Park


This is the sixth biggest national park in Sri Lanka. It is situated 180Km away from Colombo in south contral sector of the country.
You can see many wild animals in this park elephants water buffalo, wild boar, spotted deer, jackal, sambar,black-naped nane, mongooses,bandicoots,and foxes are some of this them.
This is one of the best places in Sri Lanka to see wild Asian elephants throughout the year. You can see about 500 in the park roaming in herds of up to 100. The best time to see is in the morning and evening.
If you want to see endemic birds in Sri Lanka such as jungle fowl Sri Lanka spurfowl. Sri Lanka green pigeon, Sri Lanka grey hornbill is the best place. And reptiles such as crocodiles and water monitor lizards are abound in this park.


Mirissa is located in the south of Sri Lanka, between major cities of Galle and Matara. This is very popular among local and foreign tourists. There are beautiful beaches, surf waves, whale watching,greaf bars, and restoutants. Mirissa beach which is very beautiful and attractive is a good place to enjoy. You can see rock called parrot rock Towering over the water if you climb up you can see a bit of mirissa area. The coconuts because coconut will fall from trees.


Source:-David Stanley

Nilaveli which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka is located approximately 16 kilometers North of Trincomalee. Across the beach, about 2 kilometers into the ocean you can see the famous pigeon island and the water is crystal clear. Further up north you can see a cluster of reddish rocks which are referred to as the red rock beach.

#Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage


Pinnawala elephant orphanage is located in northwest of the town of kegalle at a distance of 90Km from Colombo in 1975 by the Sri Lanka. Wildlife department in a 25-acre coconut properly adjoining mahaoya River. This orphaned elephants which could be found in the jungles of Sri Lanka.The aim of the orphanage is to stimulate a natural habitat to these elephants.The elephants are taken to the river twice a day for a bath and all the babies less than three years of age are bottle-fed by the mahouts and volunteers. It is very beautiful to see feeding of the elephants each elephant is given around 76 Kg of green a day and around 2 Kg containing rice bran and maize. This is the most popular elephant visiting place in the world. You will amazed to see the main attraction of pinnawala elephant bathing.

#Bogoda Viharaya and wooden Bridge


Do you know about Bogota Raja Maha Viharaya and Wooden Bridge which is situated in uva province Badulla District in Sri Lanka It has become world-famous because of the historical temple which goes back to the pre-Christian are And the Bridge which was built across the Gallanda oya about 600 years ago during the Kandy an period. The most important feature of this bridge is all the components of the bridge including sub-structures and nails have been made from wood. The cave temple consists of architectural features of the Kandyan era.

#Ruwanweli Maha Saya – Anuradhapura


The Ruwanweli Maha Seya which is Situated in Anuradhapura. It is one of the remarkable monuments that represent Buddhism in Sri Lanka. It is a stupa and a hemispherical structure containing relics in Sri Lanka. The builder of this stupa was King Dutugamunu. This is the most sacred stupa in Anuradhapura as two quarts or one Drona of the Buddha’s relics are enshrined in this stupa. According to historical facts is known that king Dutugamunu built Ruwanweli Maha Seya nearly years ago in the year 140 B.C. This has become a famous site among both local and international Buddhists.As one of the most venerated places in Anuradhapura.

#Hot water springs


Hot water wells are located at kanniya Trincomalee in Sri Lanka. The water of these wells is very hot. Average temperature is 42 Celsius. It is a popular tourist destination in Trincomalee District in Sri Lanka. Both local and foreign tourists visit this place. Some people in this area believe that this hot water is good for some skin diseases and it has healing power for Arthritis and Rheumatic.


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