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Meet Thor, a Bengal cat with an adorable coat.


Cats are adorable. They will make your life much more beautiful, and having a pet cat at home will ensure that you never feel lonely or unhappy. They will listen to everything you have to say and will accompany you wherever you go! So, we will tell you about this adorable cat right now. He is Bengali Thor, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will win your heart.

His emerald green eyes and sandy fur have made him so appealing, and the black spots on his tummy are the cat’s most visible feature. It gives him the appearance of a small tiger, and nothing can be as majestic as this! “I feel like his servant,” says his owner Rani Cucicov. We’re ready to serve him whenever he opens his mouth, but I have to admit, we get a lot of love in return!”

So, please take a look at his photos below, and don’t forget to share your favorites!

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#1. “I feel like his servant,” says Rani Cucicov, owner.

#2. “We are ready to serve him whenever he opens his mouth.”

#3. “However, I must admit that we receive a lot of love in place for it.”

#4. He is very active and lovable.

#5. He talks all day and gets irritated if we don’t respond to his meowing!

#6. “And once a day.” Before going to sleep, he goes insane and climbs the walls a lot.”

#7. “He appears to be a child who refuses to sleep.”

#8. “However, he calms down and retires to his bed after a few minutes.”

#9. “Unlike some cats, he doesn’t flee when we have visitors; instead, he goes to see who they are and smell their scent.”

#10. “And if he likes them, they’ll get a few massive meows from Thor himself.”



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