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Introduce yourself to ‘Pistachio,’ an adorable newborn puppy with green fur.


Dogs are lovely, amusing, and a constant companion for people everywhere. They have succeeded to gain our affections by showering us with love and care. And, every now and then, they surprise us with some of the coolest and most beautiful things that we have ever witnessed in our lives.

This post is about a story that you will not be able to read regularly. Spelacchia is owned by Cristian Mallocci, a farmer from Italy who is also the company’s president. She recently gave birth-to a litter of pups, with one of them standing out among the rest of the trash. This adorable and one-of-a-kind puppy is named “Pistachio,” and the reason for this unique moniker is the colour of his fur. Believe it or not, this adorable puppy has greenish fur in colour! Cristian couldn’t believe what he saw; Pistachio was such a wonderful puppy that the farmer decided to keep him while the other puppies were sent away for adoption. He intends to grow this gorgeous puppy on the farm with his mother, Spelacchia, who will also be raised. Continu-reading to find out more about this amusing tale.

More info & Photo courtesy: Cristian Mallocci | BBC


Image credits: Reuters


Image credits: Reuters

It is suggested that there are two probable explanations for the nature of Pistachio fur. If so, it could be Biliverdin, a greenish pigment found in wombs that has gotten into the fur somehow. Alternatively, it could have been meconium, a type of stool produced by infants. There are no other scientific explanations for this phenomenon save the two reasons described above.

Whatever the case, this adorable and one-of-a-kind puppy has managed to win the hearts of people worldwide due to the widespread distribution of its photographs on the internet.


Image credits: Reuters


Image credits: Reuters

On the other hand, this pigment will fade away, and it has already begun to deteriorate. Cristian, Spelacchia, and Pistachio, who live on the Sardinian islands, are content with their basic lifestyles, which they contribute to by helping out on the farm. Fill in the blanks with your-thoughts on this adorable puppy in the comments below.

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