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Interesting facts you may not know about Apples


Apples are eatable fruits. More apples are eaten by people than other fruit in the world.
Apples grown on trees. Apple estates are called orchards. Orchards are pieces of land where many fruit trees grow.

Various kinds of apples

There are many different kinds of apples. we can divide them into two major kinds. Dessert and cooking apples. We can eat dessert apples raw. They taste sweet.
Hard apples are cooking apples. Their taste is sour. We need to cook them before eating.

In the past

The Romans were apple cultivators. They grew apples in orchards in England.

English people took apple seeds to many many years ago. A famous man called Jonny Applessed travelled all over America by distributing and planting apple seeds.

Apples are grown well in countries that have warm summer and chilly winter.

The world’s largest apple producer is America. They grow apples than any other country. Apples are carried from ships to other countries for exporting.
Like other plants apple plants need water nutrients and sunlight to grow. Like all other plants roots of the trees take in water and nutrients from the soil. The branches of the tree hold up the leaves to reach light.

The seeds are in the care. Flesh and the peel can be eaten.

Apple trees

In spring flowers bloom in apple trees. Bees throng to the orchard for visiting flowers. When the bees suck hector from the flowers, yellow pollen clings to their bodies.

When the bees fly from tree to tree the pollen rubs off onto their flowers. The pollen makes new seeds in these flowers. Then the fruit begins to grow around the seeds.

Cultivating apples

Apples can grow well in summer. Some farmers use fertilizer to trees to grow well. They help the trees to grow big juicy apples.

Pesticides are also spread by farmers to the trees. Then the insects stop eating apples and farmers can have a good harvest.

Picking apples

Apples are ready to eat in Autumn. When apples are picked by hand they don’t bruise. Apple trees must be kept short to reach easily.

Big machines are used to wash apples. In very cold rooms farmers store the apples. This kept them fresh.

Buying apples

Farmers sort the apples before going to customers, They don’t take damaged ones. Then they sort the good apples into different sizes.

They pack apples in small boxes. There is a soft paper in between the layers. It stop apples knocking against each other.

People eat most apples raw on their own or salads. Hard apples are cooked and eaten. Apple sauce also is very popular.

Apples are produced in various ways. As jam with other fruits, as fruit pie fillings or in jellies. Fruit juices are also made with apples.

Apples consists of nutrients that give us energy and make us healthy. They also have vitamins that help our bodies to grow and protect us from diseases.

If you eat apple peel it is good for you. Because it contains fibre when fibre passes through your body, It can keep our digestive system clean and healthy. You have to wash the apple first you eat its peel.

Eating healthily

The following food pyramid shows various foods we need to eat to stay healthy. Most of the food you consume each day should come from the base of the pyramid. The top of the pyramid indicates the foods we should eat the least of Apple is kept in the middle of the pyramid. We must eat more of the food from the middle section than from the top.
The foods shown in each part of the pyramid help our body in different ways.

Apple sauce recipe

You will need

  • 2 large apples
  • water
  • spoonful of honey
  • pinch of cinnamon

1 Cut the peel off apples and chop them into pieces.

2 Put the pieces into a pan and cover with water.

3 Cook gently until apple is soft

4 Pour the cooked apple into an electric blender.

5 Blend until you have made a smooth sauce. Add the honey, and a little cinnamon if you like.

6 Serve the sauce warm or cold


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