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Individuals Who Performed Stupid Acts To Become Well-known on Social Media


People turn to social media when they feel that their friends and family don’t approve of them sufficiently. Is it possible to receive too much validation? No matter how many likes and shares they receive, people always seem to want more of them. Regretfully, some people will stop at nothing to get those shares and likes.

On the r/justforsocialmedia community, attention-seekers who will stop at nothing to gain a brief moment of notoriety are exposed. And when I say insane, I mean doing things like “throwing away a kid since they can’t be used for videos” and “eating and drinking from a toilet bowl.”

#1 I love it!

Image Courtesy: Reddit/ Rancid_Remnants

#2 Influencers Arrested in Bali for a Fake Mask Video Prank Will Be Deported ‘As Soon As Possible

Image Courtesy: Reddit/ t_a_6847646847646476

#3 Throwing Away All That Food Just To Take A Picture

Image Courtesy: Reddit/BS-31

#4 Ants… Ants Everywhere

Image Courtesy: Reddit/ swangin82

#5 It’s Just a Joke

Image Courtesy: Reddit/OGD3C

#6 Using A High-Powered Laser To Burn People And Getting Banned From An Airport For Clout

Image Courtesy: Reddit/alexpugh

#7 Tiktok Must Be Stopped

Image Courtesy: reddit.com

#8 Make a cake that *they* want for your grandson.

Image Courtesy: Reddit/ redditboy123451

#9 Using Your Nana’s Death As An Excuse To Flaunt Your Tattoos

Image Courtesy: Reddit/ brbarr324325

#10 For Social Media, Your Brain Is Dead

Image Courtesy: Reddit/Evonos

#11 Ummm.

Image Courtesy: Hyonokokoro

#12 Great Way To Ruin Your Life And Other People’s Lives

Image Courtesy: JamesLeeFOG

#13 Girl Destroys Her Boyfriend’s Ps5 For A Tiktok

Image Courtesy: redditboy123451

#14 Booty Shots At Auschwitz!

Image Courtesy: mrkuboy


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