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In Borneo, a photographer captures an orangutan to aid a forest ranger.


An amateur photographer named Anil Prabhakar recently captured a breathtaking glimpse of a Borneo conservation forest. The photographer saw the forest warden waving the orangutans’ sworn enemy snakes out of the river while on a safari with his pals. An orangutan extended his hand to Prabhakar. He was ready to take a photograph as if he wanted to assist him. People are amazed by the orangutan’s act of charity, and the healthy photos rapidly go viral.

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A photographer recently went viral for his heartwarming photographs of a man assisting another man in a river.

He was informed that there was a snake in the river. The warden went to the location and cut down the bushes. An orangutan approached the riverbank and observed what he was doing. Prabhakar recalled that he then came and extended his hand.

According to the photographer, the forest warden refused to hold the orangutan’s hand, claiming that he didn’t want to touch an uncommon wild species. “The warden has simply moved on.” When I questioned why, he replied, “This is a wild animal, not something we’re familiar with.” “However, they must safeguard them.”

Forest Warden, who took part in the Healthy Encounter, now works for the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, a non-profit organization. His and his 400 staff’ mission is to conserve orangutan habitat, which is under threat from destruction.

The Foundation, founded in 1991, now cares for around 650 orangutans. “Other flora and animals are totally safeguarded by protecting orangutans in their native habitats.” Humans, like wildlife, must safeguard their natural homes, according to the Foundation’s website.

The lush jungles of Borneo are home to 160 snake species, many of which represent a significant threat to orangutans. The organization’s staff are clearing rivers of snakes and teaching orangutans to recognize danger in the wild to safeguard these animals.

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