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Get to Know Qizai, the World’s One and Only Brown Panda


Pandas, the famous black & white bears are a splendid set of animals. They are fluffy, quirky, and playful even when they’re completely grown up. Originally from China, human beings get to look at these beautiful animals in zoos and different captivate institutes everywhere around the global. Nonetheless, China stays to be the house for those creatures.

This is a story of an unusual type of Panda. The maximum vast function of these animals is their coloration; black and white. And we almost in no way have heard of every other color mixture on them, till now. Meet this special Panda from all of the ways from China; Qizai. His distinctiveness is that he’s the only panda inside the world, with the color aggregate of brown and white on his fur coat! Yes, the only case that is ever recognized. This Panda is as playful and quirky as any Panda can be. Scroll down to read extra approximately his story and to have a peek at some cute pictures of him.

More info & Photo courtesy: Foping Panda Valley

More information & Photo courtesy: Foping Panda Valley


Foping Panda Valley


Foping Panda Valley


Foping Panda Valley


Foping Panda Valley


Foping Panda Valley

The Panda is presently 9 years vintage and residing a happy & cushty life within the Foping Panda Valley. But while he turned into found, he was not noted at the Qingling Mountain Nature Reserve in Central China. Due to his uncommon fur coat, no panda would apprehend him as considered one of their species. Experts have named this phenomenon a genetic mutation because his mother and father were everyday colored Pandas.

Anyhow, Qizai is now satisfied and healthy at his modern-day domestic where he has a private caretaker to look after him as well! The reserve government has plans to mate him pretty quickly, hoping to see more brown Pandas entering the sector. Until then, let’s maintain our hands crossed!


Foping Panda Valley


Foping Panda Valley


Foping Panda Valley


Foping Panda Valley

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