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For the birthday of a seal, an enormous ice fish cake is prepared for him.


Birthdays are enjoyable for everyone, and it’s a terrific way to show that you care about someone by showing that you went out of your way to do something special for them on their big day. People aren’t the only ones who stand to gain from this development. Even non-sentient beings have the right to commemorate their birthdates and do something special to mark the occasion.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/Cornish Seal

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary has the same point of view as previously stated. Yulelogs, a gray seal that had been rescued, celebrated his 31st birthday by being presented with a considerable ice cake packed with fish. Furthermore, the seal rescued as a pup from a coastal park in North England in 1989 appreciated it, as you may have guessed from the previous sentence.

This seal was unable to be released back into the wild.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/Cornish Seal

After being held captive for such a long time and becoming acclimated to being around humans, the seal was no longer able to live. After being free, he had no idea how to procure his food because other people had always done that for him. The RSPCA saved Yulelogs three months after being set free from his captors.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/Cornish Seal

The RSPCA was inundated with calls from concerned beachgoers who voiced allegations that a seal was harassing people with buckets while they were at the beach. It appeared to me that he believed the buckets contained fish. They found Yulelogs and observed that he had dropped a significant amount of weight by the time they saw him.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/Cornish Seal

He weighed less than a fifth of what a wild young seal would be expected to consider. It was very evident that he deserved unique consideration. After that, the RSPCA contacted the Cornish Seal Sanctuary to inquire about the possibility of the organization providing a permanent residence for the defenseless animal. The arrival of the Yulelogs was celebrated with open arms.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/Cornish Seal

The seal, who is 31 years old and staying there at the moment, is adored by everyone because it is such a lively and happy animal. Because of this, the staff members at the restaurant presented him with a chip and brought him this delectable ice dessert stuffed with fish. Simply perusing the photographs of him enjoying the cake will be plenty to persuade you of his contentment. On the other side, Yulelogs should have nothing but happiness and a long life ahead of them.

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