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Diver Discovers Fish with Wedding Ring


You could find this to be unusual. But it’s accurate. This was experienced by the diver Susan Prior. She frequently goes scuba diving for fun and to rid the oceans of human-caused pollution.

Prior picks up rubbish from the ocean floor every time she goes diving as a habit to do her part for the world. But things were a little different this time. She dove into the water and discovered a very peculiar fish. She spotted a fish holding a wedding ring lost in the water and could not believe what she saw. Check out the story by scrolling down and leaving us a comment with your thoughts.

More info & Photocourtesy: norfolkislandtime.com | Facebook | Instagram


#1. The Fish who was wearing the ring.

She removed the Fish from the ring and then realized it was the owner’s recently reported missing ring. She gave it back to them.

She actively participates in scrubbing the sea floors over which she dives. She has gathered a lot of non-biodegradable materials from the ocean floor, which harm both the ecosystems and the marine creatures.

#2. Prior usually dives in this location.

People trash the waters more than anyone is aware of. These substances disrupt ocean life, like the ring clinging to the Fish and chemically harming the ecosystems.

#3. Susan saved the Fish and returned the ring.

#4. She even collects a lot of golf balls during her dives.

#5. Let us not trash this beautiful planet of ours.


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