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Creepy Fish Captured in China with “Human-Like” Face


A black-and-gold face resembling a human was seen in China earlier this week as it slowly emerged from the shadows. The fish had markings that resembled eyes, noses, and mouths.

Newsflare reports a video taken on November 5, 2019, showed a carp in southwest China with facial features. Cyprinus Carpio’s wild color can be dark olive or silver. According to the New South Wales Department of Primary, Industries, carp are kept in captivity because of their ornamental colors. They can come in many styles, including black and golden-yellow, resembling human faces.

But why do we see a human face in a creature so different from ours? This concept is known as anthropomorphism. It’s when humans attribute animal behavior or characteristics to human beings. It is partly due to our natural connection with the natural world. Research shows that babies are more interested in pets than other objects in their world. Pet names and sounds are often the first things a baby hears.

There are many-theories as to why people anthropomorphize other nonhuman objects. Most of them suggest that it is an arbitrary trait that results from our social structure.

An analysis of all anthropomorphic studies revealed that mental processes drove the ability to anthropomorphize nonhuman beings. These mental processes are both automatic responses to human behavior and analytical ones. For example, assuming your pet is starving while it sits in front of the fridge.

Sometimes, pranksters can do a great job of faking it. A video of a fish wearing a human face garnered 9.1 million views earlier this year. Snopes conducted an investigation and found that the clip was completely fake.


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