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Artist uses scrapped metal to create human figures


Artistic creations are not limited and can be made without rejecting ideas. Artists have proven that there is always an aesthetic to everything. Art can convey human emotions and messages to the world in many mediums and forms. As time passes, more art forms are being created.

This article is about the artistic creation of Penny Hardy, a British artist best known for her metal sculpture creations. The “Blown Away” series of metal figures she has created.

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Penny Hardy


Penny Hardy

Hardy wanted the world to see that discarded metals and machinery can have human emotion. This is why she made human-like figures for her series to reflect this connection. It is pure art from a highly creative artist to uses hard and stiff metal pieces to imitate humans in a form that is being blown in the wind.

Her work is displayed all over England. She is being praised for the fantastic way she recycles old machinery parts. Customers who place orders through her website receive personalized pieces. Scroll down to see the entire series by this talented artist.


Penny Hardy


Penny Hardy


Penny Hardy


Penny Hardy


Penny Hardy


Penny Hardy


Penny Hardy

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