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Artist Jason Stieva Creates Incredible Ghost Ship Sculpture


Jason Stieva is a Whitby, Ontario-based tattoo and assemblage artist who creates gothic-style sculptures from found objects. His work is inspired by architecture, art galleries, churches, graveyards, and catacombs he saw while traveling in Europe for the first time in 1997. Stieva has been working on his sculptures for more than 20 years, and his most impressive creation to date is a pirate ship called “Leviathan.”

Leviathan is an 8-foot-tall, 7.5-foot-long, and 2.5-foot-wide sculpture that took Stieva 14 months to complete. The ship is made from various found objects, including bones, skulls, metal, wood, and glass. It is incredibly detailed, with intricate carvings and designs covering every inch of the ship. Stieva says that transporting the sculpture to the collector who bought it was one of the most stressful experiences of his life.

We think Leviathan is an incredible work of art. It is a testament to Stieva’s skill and dedication and will surely impress anyone who sees it. Check out the gallery below to see more photos of this fantastic sculpture.

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