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Artist Creates Adorable Animals and Imagines Them Existing In Real Life


Yee Chong, a Malaysian artist, produces digitally realistic animals that make people wish they could connect with them. This artist creates these lovely animals in such a unique and realistic style that you’ll want to acquire one by the conclusion of this post.

Yee Chong’s Instagram account now has over 93,000 followers. Foxes are one of his favorite figures to draw. Take a peek at the video below to see how lifelike these adorable tiny creatures are!!

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He began his career as a graphic designer, but after five years, he left since his compensation was insufficient, and he began freelancing. Yee Chong confesses that the concept came to him unexpectedly and was essentially a test. “It was meant to be a test on my understanding of light and shadow, but people seem to like them a lot so I continued ’till now,” – he said. The Malaysian artist expressed his delight at the community’s response and expressed his gratitude. “The fact that people like them pushes me to make more,” says the author.



He also claimed that he loves to live alone and has a strict no-pet policy, and that his virtual pets provide him with closure. When he is feeling down, he will sketch these lovely creatures. “As long as it brightens people’s days or cheers them up, I’ll keep making them.” The artist continues to create these unique and lovely drawings because they make people smile.



The artist imagines these animals in real-life scenarios, placing them in a variety of settings. In the majority of the pictures, the fox appears to be the main character. The photos depict the adorable animals in their “daily” surroundings (as if anything involving these cuties could be labeled “everyday”). You can’t help but go “Awww” at the photos and wish you could embrace them.




These lifelike events range from feeding reactions to a casual dive into the garbage bin, playing with items and exploring, allowing themselves be snuggled by their owner, to ending up in a shape that only fits them.













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