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A veterinarian explains why people think some pet breeds are “cute.”


“This is cruel,” commented Cat The Vet, a veterinary professional in the United Kingdom, while holding up a photo of the prettiest flat-faced Persian Cat. This adorable fuzzy ball, like the famous Grumpy Cat, may have a loyal Instagram
following. Why would they be harsh in the first place?

The “Pets That People Believe Are Cute But Aren’t!” video series depicts the lessthan-cute side of our beloved pets that is frequently overlooked. At the same time, Cat The Vet exposes all of the world’s most famous and adorably gorgeous
cat breeds with severe health issues in a series of eye-opening TikTok movies.

From Scottish fold and flat-faced dogs to munchkin and Persian cats, cat movies
will open your eyes to how damaging “cuteness” can be to pets.

#1 Flat-Faced Canines

Image credit: Instagram/cat_the_vet

“These dogs have outstanding personalities and make wonderful friends, but their predicament must be addressed. On the outside, their nostrils are often small slits, and their cheeks may appear flat, but on the inside, they may contain nearly as much tissue as a dog with a typical length nose, restricting their airways.

Do you recall seeing pictures of dogs sleeping with toys in their mouths or their heads propped up on pillows? They’d suffocate if they didn’t have the toy or something to prop their heads up while sleeping.

They also suffer from a variety of skin problems, such as clammy, itchy folds. Painting tooth decay is common because a standard dog’s teeth are jammed into such a small space. Anomalies of the spine are common, resulting in difficulty walking and paralysis. Their magnificent prominent eyes also indicate that they have a lot of eye problems.”

#2 Toad Bulldog

Image credit: Instagram/cat_the_vet

People came to ‘worsen the bulldog’ by giving him flat faces, terrible skin, and other health problems! Take a look at this poor dog’s limbs. That’s predetermined elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, and severe arthritis. These canines are unable to walk on their own. I’m not sure why someone would breed a dog who will suffer for the rest of its life because of its beauty. Breeding these dogs is termed “torture breeding” in several nations. “To add insult to injury, they always cut off their ears.”

#3 Pekingese Dogs

Image credit: Instagram/cat_the_vet

“They suffer greatly as a result of their appearance. Their flat heads create all of the problems that brachycephalic breeds’ problems, including ocular, respiratory, and skinfold problems. Their skeleton is comparable to that of a dog, which explains their lack of mobility. Because of their enormous coats and flat features, Pekingese are prone to overheating. The ‘Best In Show’ Pekingese dog is cooling off in the stadium with an ice pack.”

#4 Flat-Faced Cats

Image credit: Instagram/cat_the_vet

“Their narrow noses make breathing difficult for them. Their features appear tiny, pinched and flattened when compared to a conventional cat. It’s no surprise they suffer dental problems; there’s not enough room for all of their teeth! Their skulls
are deformed and flat, resulting in serious brain problems and even death. Because flat faces prevent tears from draining properly, the front of the face becomes sticky, unclean, and infected. And what about those prized big eyes? Because they protrude so far, they can cause problems. Their thick fluffy coat,which they can’t groom, is the ultimate insult.”

#5 Munchkin Cats

Image credit: Instagram/cat_the_vet

“A mutation has caused the legs of these cats to be genetically short. We’re intentionally breeding cats with a debilitating genetic defect just because they’re cute.

Consider how much our cats like leaping, running, and playing. Munchkin cats still have these instincts, but they’ve been suppressed on purpose. X-rays reveal their malformed limbs and joints. Notice how smooth and straight the conventional cats are in comparison to the Munchkin cats. Compare an average cat’s elbow joint to a Munchkin cat’s, which is rough and unsightly. This means they cannot move as freely as they would like, and the joint is painful. “Our view on breeding cats is that no damage should be done at first,” International Cat Care, a leading scientific body for feline research, says. “If having this look causes problems, we should not recognize it as a breed based on a hereditary impairment.”

#6 Fold Cats

Image credit: Instagram/cat_the_vet

“Aren’t those fantastically folded ears?” Do you have any idea why? Because their cartilage is fragile and buckles under their weight.

Is there any additional cartilage in your body? Arthritis. Because their ears are so cute, we’re breeding these cats with this agonizing, devastating joint illness. Producing a crippled cat who will be murdered at a young age due to its inability to walk is not a good enough cause.

Would you please inform them this isn’t cute if you see these cats being used for advertising or promoted by celebrities? “Cruel.”

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