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A Solar Power Plant in Kenya is Responsible for converting Seawater into Potable Water.


The vast majority of us are accustomed to simply turning on the sink faucet and receiving a drink of water whenever we feel ourselves beginning to feel parched; nonetheless, this is not the case for everyone on the planet. There are around 2.2 billion people across the globe who do not have consistent access to drinking water. GivePower is a charitable organization that helps those in need by constructing solar power plants in countries still developing their economies. It just finished the construction of a plant in Kenya powered by solar energy and purifies ocean water to supply drinking water to 25,000 people.

GivePower has successfully finished the construction of a water purification facility in Kenya powered by solar energy.

Image Courtesy: GivePower

This is the first time that GivePower has erected a purification facility; in the past, they have built solar power plants in Haiti, Nicaragua, Nepal, and Puerto Rico. In August, it was finished in the city of Kiunga in Kenya.

The facility serves 25,000 people with drinking water.

Image Courtesy: GivePower

Given the initiative’s positive results, GivePower plans to establish solar power facilities of a comparable nature in the near future in Colombia and Haiti.

The facility can provide fresh drinking water to up to 35,000 people.

Image Courtesy: GivePower

The removal of salt from saltwater through a process known as desalination is the essential phase in making it drinkable. Despite its expensive initial investment and ongoing power requirements, solar power appears to be a viable option in the long run. Solar panels produce an output of fifty kilowatts, sufficient to power two water pumps.

This water purification system has the potential to save lives in Kenya because one-third of the population does-not have access to water that is suitable for consumption.

Image Courtesy: GivePower

The area residents once had to travel for hours to collect drinking water and were required to save every last drop; however, all of their problems have been entirely resolved due to GivePower’s efforts.

There’s no need to go for hours to acquire some clean water.

Image Courtesy: GivePower

You can find children in these villages with scars on their bellies or knees due to excessive amounts of salt being applied to their wounds. According to Hayes Barnard, the president of GivePower, “This water was causing harm to their family.” People in the area will no longer put their health at risk by drinking contaminated water because a new plant has been built to purify the water.

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