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A Prehistoric Species Of Turtle Fossil Discovered


The world has changed over billions of years and is still evolving as time passes. Scientists have been innovating to make life for humans more accessible and more effective on Earth. In addition, with the advancement of science, we can also uncover some of the past’s secrets.

This is a tale that has been reported from Madagascar. Dinosaurs are an incredible animal species that has walked the Earth long before man’s first appearance. Scientists continue to dig into the depths of Earth in search of more and more details about them. Finding a fossil of the first creature to have been seen before was a blessing.

More information and Photo Source: abc news | Royal Society Open Science

#1. Watch this video!

The fossil is known as a ‘quick-mouthed Frog Turtle.’ The creature dates way back to dinosaurs. The Turtles were characterized by solid tongue bones and a slim jaw, suggesting that the eating method was more of an a’suction rather than chewing or biting its food.


#2. The Fossils.

The scientists believe they ate smaller animals, like Tadpoles and other micro-marine life forms, that they could quickly suck into to eat themselves. The research on these animals indicates that they lived in the middle of the Cretaceous period, which was 65 million years ago.

They mainly lived around their habitat, mostly around the Indian Ocean. It was therefore discovered close to Madagascar. The paleontologists are thrilled with the find, so they have physical evidence of the creature. This will expand the knowledge of these animals and, with technological advancements, open to an expansive view of the past.

#3. The Prehistoric Turtle.



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