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A Kind-Hearted Woman Adopted A Dog Who Has Never Felt Softness


Many creatures in the animal world have a permanent home, but many cats, dogs, and other animals are still looking for a place to call home. Despite the fact that shelters have been built for them, they are already overcrowded, with little room for more animals. Many pet owners are so callous that they abandon their beloved dogs on the streets. In any case, there are just a few nice people remaining in the world who are ready to assist shelters.

Lauren Smith Greeno is a wonderful human being who enjoys assisting animals. She is from the United States and is incredibly generous in that she looks for animals until they can find a home. She has three dogs and just adopted Ginnie after reading a post on the Charlie’s Crusaders Pet Rescue Facebook page.

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#1. The dog had been in the shelter for nearly six months because no one wanted her.

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The lady told the Bored Panda that they first saw Ginnie, the dog, on the Facebook page. And the advertisement stated that they were looking for a foster or adoptive family. She had emailed them and then called them the next morning to express her willingness to foster or perhaps adopt the puppy. She had the puppy in her home within a week.

#2. The dog has no concept of soft beds or toys.

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#3. Lauren had been smitten with Ginnie since she first saw her on the Post.

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She stated in the interview that Ginnie is currently doing well and is completely pampered. They also say she is well-liked by them and sleeps in their bed. Ginnies, she claimed, keeps her company as she works by sitting next to her. And that Ginnie adores the other dogs in the home, particularly the little one, Gigi. Ginnie is currently extremely happy and in good health.

#4. Ginnie now has siblings and lives in a loving household.

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Image credits: gendry_baratheon_greeno

Lauren also mentioned Ginnie’s personality. Ginnie is a sweet and affectionate dog, according to her. She adores snuggling and considers it to be her favorite pastime. Ginnie also enjoys sitting on her lap if she is on a chair. She had stated that she had never owned a toy before they adopted her. In the last three months, Ginnie has developed a taste for tennis balls and tug toys. And she now enjoys playing with toys.

#6. The first time Ginnie slept on a bed, she fell asleep almost quickly.

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Image credits: gendry_baratheon_greeno

She had given the entire tale. She said she came across Charlie’s Crusaders’ profile on Petfinder when seeking for a dog to foster during the holidays. Then, when she went on Facebook, the first person she saw was Ginnie. And, because it was too late to call at night, she had emailed them and then called them in the morning. Within a week of completing the papers, she had Ginnie at her house. They had placed her in the rear seat of their automobile to give her more room. Lauren has stated that she is very trustworthy and willing to be loved. She had also led Ginnie to her room on the second day, when she had invited Ginnie to lie down on her bed. And she felt nice as she climbed on the bed and lay.

#8. Ginnie has formed such a strong relationship with the other dogs that it is nearly hard to separate them.

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Lauren had also mentioned Ginnie’s former existence. As she had stated, Ginnie and her companions had been taken from their owners because they had mistreated them. They’d been tied in short lashes outside a house where there was no dry ground for them to stand on. They were transported to a shelter after being apprehended and placed on a waiting list for euthanasia. Then they were taken in by Charlie’s Crusaders Pet Rescue. Ginnie’s other roommates had been adopted, but she had just been there for approximately six months.


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Image credits: gendry_baratheon_greeno

Ginnie has heartworms, which is unfortunate. Lauren had also mentioned her medicines. Ginnie’s recuperation is progressing nicely, she added, and her meds are being administered properly. They’re currently waiting for their visit to see if she’s heartworm-free.

Lauren had also mentioned how Ginnie’s former life had caused her problems. The only problem they had, she stated, was Ginnie’s dread of being left out. And she walks out, performs her duties, and then comes right back in. and had stated that now that she understands, she can play and wait it out since they aren’t going to abandon her.


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She had also mentioned her other pets. Gendry, Garnet, and Gigi are their names. Garnet was their first rescue dog, she added, and she’s quite shy. She’s also a mixed lab. The other two, Gendry and Gigi, are biological siblings who may be a handful.

#12. Ginnie is making a full recovery from her illness.

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Image credits: gendry_baratheon_greeno


Image credits: gendry_baratheon_greeno

Lauren mentioned that one of her favorite things about dogs is how loving they are. And that when they see us, they can sense the goodness emanating from them. She had expressed her delight in being with them. Lauren had also told the bored panda about her life. She also mentioned that their dogs have their own Instagram account,  @gendry_baratheon_greeno. Jacob, her loving spouse, is also very supportive and helps her a lot, she added.

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