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A Hospital Hired This Cat As A Security Guard


Cats have always managed to find their way into a fascinating narrative in some manner. This is a touching yet unusual story of a cat who was employed as a security guard at a hospital.

This is an Australian tale. This visitor has been coming to Epworth Hospital in Richmond for the past year. Elwood is its name, and it has been loitering at the main door, watching people come and go. He was more interested in people watching, although he also got a lot of caressing. He wanders around when he’s bored, but never far from his place. This went on for a year, so someone recently decided to give him a tag that resembles the security ID of the hospital’s security firm.

Photo courtesy: PawsPlanet


This cat has always been cherished by Mr. Trollip, a pathologist at this hospital, and it is now his best buddy at work. When Elwood appears, no matter how awful the day has been, all of the stress fades away. Elwood is responsible for the front entry, the drive way, and the shrubs at the front.




By sunning in the bushes every now and then, this cat reminds us how essential morning light is. As a result, Elwood may be considered much more than a security guard.



This cat is not a stray; it lives with its family down the street. Every morning, Elwood walks to work at the hospital. It now has its own credentials, stations, and individuals to guard, as well as an old kidney dish that he uses as his own plate for drink or food. This is a story that will inspire everyone seeking for work. Don’t worry; if you keep trying, your time will come.






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