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A Foot Water Tank That A Spanish Artist has Creatively painted


In the charming French city of Gien, which is situated on the banks of the Loire river, an enormous mural is painted on the side of a water tank that is 115 feet tall. The majestic tower, painted in a lovely pastel hue, stands out in contrast to the unremarkable-looking smaller buildings surrounding it. Taquen, a Spanish artist, did this piece of artwork.

Image Courtesy: Taquen

Along the Loire, in one of the three water tanks in the region, Taquen painted native birds such as ospreys, common terns, and gray herons.

Image Courtesy: Taquen

The Urban Art Agency and the artist have worked on this project for the second time. According to him, this new project was different from the others he had worked on in the past because it presented him with a more significant challenge than the others and an opportunity he had not anticipated. The most difficult obstacle to overcome was the ever-changing weather. Taquen writes on his website that the flatlands of the Loire Valley make the weather completely unpredictable. “And after 12 days of rain, wind, cold, heat, and sun, we managed to do this great job,” he adds. “The Loire Valley is home to some of the most beautiful châteaux in France.” I want to express my gratitude to Mathieu, Seb, and Pepe, as well as anybody else who contributed to the success of this endeavor and worked closely with me during the process.

Painting the enormous tank was fraught with complications at every turn.

Image Courtesy: Taquen

Although Taquen has been creating works of art for a considerable time, he has just been doing so professionally for the past three years. According to what he shared with DeMilked, “I started painting graffiti in high school when I was 13 years old. After that, I studied fine arts in Madrid, Spain.” I have no idea when anything started for me. I have just been in a position to dedicate myself professionally since 2018. Still, I’m confident that my ambition was the same for a very long time before that.

Image Courtesy: Taquen

According to the artist, “the piece speaks about unending movement, water cycles, and the relevance of water for life,” which is why the birds that dwell along the banks of the Loire, which is a river that runs through Gien, France, were utilized in the piece.

Image Courtesy: Taquen
Image Courtesy: Taquen

When asked what inspired him to paint the water tank, Taquen responded, “On the one hand, there was the task and the desire to paint such a massive structure; it was a magnificent chance.” Taquen made this remark in response to the question of what prompted him to paint the water tank. To work for and with Urban Art Agency once more, who had previously placed their trust in me a year ago.” On the flip side, to work for and with Urban Art Agency once again.

Taquen is a bird enthusiast. They may be seen in a lot of his other street paintings.

Image Courtesy: Taquen

When we asked him why he chose birds for his murals, he said, “For me, they are unique creatures, which allow me to talk symbolically about problems linked to human beings, particularly mobility, migration, and freedom.” He said this in response to our question about why he chose birds. It is also a tool for raising awareness and having direct conversations about the natural world

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