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22 People With Senses of Humor Who Will Brighten Your Day


Humor has tremendous power! Research supports the advantages it offers, both physically and mentally. While some people are born with it, others are gifted with the capacity to make people laugh. These endearing creatures have the power to make everyone laugh with a simple remark or funny antics. Our collection of 22 hilarious people will show you that these people are experts at making people laugh. No need to be around them; a quick peek at their antics is enough to make you smile.

Get ready to laugh, guffaw, and smile as we take you through a collection of amusing people doing amusing things that will make it difficult to maintain a straight face. Enjoy some hilarious fun by scrolling down!

#1. Exceptional Made in China

Source: Prostoilogin

#2. Getting Lost In Selfies

Source: lasagnabby

#3. To Crippling Sadness From Costco

Source: sarahsolfails

#4. Truthfulness is the best policy.

Source: Maxi Baron

#5. Ouch! 

Source: Bashar Roy

#6. The Funny Misadventures Of A Dental Visit

Source: riverontheroad

#7. No helmet, no issue, right?

Source: lunardownpour

#8. On the wall, in the mirror

Source: spurlockmedia

#9. Priorities, Priorities

Source: Mopar Connection

#10. From Cloud to Mario

Source: cmdtheekneel

#11. One Down

Source: Humans doing human things

#12. Fashion Statements And Festival Hats

Source: Asthimaya

#13. Respect Due To My Brother

Source: LivingInColor8

#14. Accidental Art

Source: Findgorrfy101

#15. The Warming Housewarming Gift That Will Inspire You To Relocate Right Away

Source: InflatableRegret

#16. muscles blazing? No Tub? No issue!

Source: roaringrandallpho

#17. Found And Lost

Source: notmyfaultooops

#18. The Startling Reality of Women’s Real Impressions

Source: dizzyday

#19. In Florida Only

Source: karebear6

#20. It’s business and not personal.

Source: Gloryhole77

#21. The Most Random, Wackiest, And Funny

Source: Allidapevets

#22 Introducing the Drive-Thru Worker’s Shelter

Source: pinkandperjurous


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