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12 Interesting International Country Borders


You may have heard or seen that in the past as well as at present some countries fight for boundaries. The reason for this is social, economical, and political facts. Some conflicts have been created about 3000 years and some boundaries are recent time creations. Some boundaries have been protected by a huge army and some boundaries have enough freedom and some others have been separated by natural rivers or mountains.

Boundary conflict is a mental pressure to the security officials who are near the boundaries. By reading following facts, you can come to know many things about boundaries.

#1 U.S.A And Canada


This is the longest international country boundary in the world. It is 8900Km long. Alaska and North Canada boundaries are also included to it.

#2 India And Pakisthan


This is a country boundary which has frequent conflicts. Therefore many people of the world always talk about this. The distance of this boundary is 2320Km.
These boundary conflicts were created after India obtained the independence to their country. This is one of the most complex country boundary in the world. The reason for this is frequent war conflicts between the two countries.

#3 Netherland And Belgium

Country boundary was created after the southern part of Netherland separated from Netherland in 1843. The distance of this boundary is 450Km.But there is not a strong security between these two countries. There is a peaceful boundary because of their mutual understanding.

#4 Poland And Ukraine


The Poland and Ukraine war conflict has influenced to create Poland and Ukraine boundaries. The distance of this is 535Km. It is reported that 8 million people live in the boundaries of these two countries.

#5 U.S.A And Mexico

This is a special country boundary which is situated among seas, cities, and deserts. The total distance of this is 3145K. This takes 10 th place in the longest country boundaries between two countries.

#6 Sweeden And Norway


The country boundaries between these two countries have changed because of the war conflicts. The distance of the present boundary is 1630Km. Although thousand of people travel across these boundaries daily strict security force has not been used. There are only simple checkpoints. Because of this, there is a good mutual understanding between these two countries. peace and harmony prevail in the country. It is a good thing.

#7 Argentina,Brazil And Paraguay


This is a special situation as the country boundaries are separated among three countries. This is separated naturally from a river called Parana also named as Rio. This is a place which has a good tourist attraction. This boundary also has freedom to travel to other country.

#8 Spain And Portugal


This is one of the oldest country boundary which has the distance of 1214Km. This boundary is called “The stripe”.

#9 North Korea And South Korea


There was only one country called Korea before second world war but after the second war, this country was separated as North Korea and South Korea. The distance of the boundary is 250Km.

#10 Afganisthan And Paksithan


This country boundary can be introduced as an uncontrollable country boundary. The distance of this country boundary 2670Km and it was created in 1893. This is a country boundary which has very terrible conflicts frequently.

#11 China And Nepal


I think you know the Everest which is the highest mountain in the world. Do you accept that there is the highest country boundary? Yes, there is a country boundary which is separate China and Nepal. The distance of this is 1389Km. This is a peaceful boundary.

12 Bolivia And Brazil


This is called Bolivia-Brazil country boundary. This is unique and the distance of this is 3423Km. This boundary is situated among urban areas,forests and deserts.The Amazon forest also belongto this.


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