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10 Amazing People In The World


All the people are not alike in the world. people are different according to their, body size, complexion, height, nose, face, hair and other things. I think nature wants to create different people.

Some are fat, tall, thing and short. I think you would like to know about such people. Here are 10 different people in the world and their details.

#1.The tallest man


Sulthan Kosen is the tallest man in the world. He lives in Turkey. He is 41 years and he is 8ft 2.8in in height. Do you think he is only the tallest man.No no he is also the person who has the largest hands-on a living person? Because of his height, he can play basketball very easily.

#2.The shortest man


The shortest man in the world is Edward Nino Hernandez. He was born in 1986. He is 2ft 4.4in in height. His native city is Bogota in Colombia. He became the Guinness world record at the shortest man on 13 April 2020 when he was 24 years old. But this record was surpassed on October 14 2010 by Khagendra Thapa Magar who was 2ft 3.64in tall. But after his sudden passing away on 17 January 2020 Edward regained the record title.

#3.The shortest women


Jyoti Amge is the shortest woman in the world until this time. She was born on 16 December 1993 in Nagapur, central India. When she attended school she was provided with a desk and chair more appropriate for her disminative size. when he was 18 years she took the title of shortest living woman.

#4.Longest fingernails on a single hand


His name is shridhar chillal. He started growing fingernail in 195. His record was confirmed in 2014. He has cut his fingernails after 66 years in 2018. Then he was 82 years old. He was the person who had longest fingernails in a single hand in the world. The length of the fingernail is 909.6cm. Shridhar has grown his finger nails on his left hand.

#5.Longest fingernails on a pair of hands(Male)

Source:- guinnessworldrecords.com

By name, he is Melvin Boothe. He has started growing fingernails in 1970. His record was confirmed in 2009. He has grown his fingernails as a hobby,unfortunately, he passed away few months after his record was confirmed.

#6.Longest fingernails on a pair of hands(female)


She is Lee Redmond. She lives in U.S.A.She started growing her finger in 179 and her record has confirmed in 2008. The length of her fingernails is 8.65m. Unfortunately, she has met with an accident and broken her fingernails but fortunately, her life was safe. Although she lost her fingernails she was the woman who had longest fingernails.

#7.The man with the longest hair


His name is Tran Van Hay. He was a Vietnamese man. He has got this long hair because he thought when he was 25 years old. What he thought was not to cut his hair again and when he was 73 years old his hair was over 22 feet long and 23 pounds in weight. He was a herbalist and dedicated the rest of his of his life. For curing patients as a herbalist.

#8.The woman with the longest hair

Source:-Guinness World Records

She lives in China. Her name is Xie Qiuping. Xie is the woman who has longest hair in the world. She has started growing her hair when she was 13 years old in 1973. The length of the hair is 5.627m(18 feet 5.5 in). She has held the Guinness world record since 2004.

#9.Longest Beard in the world


Hans Langseth had the longest beard in the world up to now. The special thing about his beard was even he didn’t know he had the longest beard in the world until he died in 1927. It was measured after his death. The length of the beard was 17 feet 6 inches. He was born in Norway but he had moved to U.S.A.This beard is kept at the Smithsonian museum.

#10.The man with the longest moustache


His name is Ram Singh who lives in India. He holds the Guinness world record for the longest moustache.
The length of the moustache is more than 18.5 feet.Ram Singh has been growing his moustache since 1970.This moustache has been measured in 2010 in Italy. He uses coconut base hair oil to treat it.

What do you think about these wonderful people in this world? If I had done some mistakes please forgive me and if you can please correct it.


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